• Alexandrite

    Time and againregarded by a number of gem adherents as the stone, which is “emerald by day, ruby by night,” Alexandrite is a rare color-changing gemstone, and is the variety of Chrysoberyl mineral. The chemical composition of this stone makes it so rare and hard to find. Alexandrite produces when beryllium and aluminium conglomerates together with few trace elements, like iron, chromium, and titanium. Out of these three chromium is the most important trace element for the formation and color-changing ability of this marvellous gemstone. Alexandrite changes its color from bluish-green or green in daytime to red or purple-red in bright light. Click to Continue

  • Cat's Eye
    Cat's Eye

    Cat’s Eye has derived its name from the physical similarity that it shares with the Cat’s eye. A strong shaft of light passing through the stone exhibits an exact replica that the eyes of a cat has. A yellowish and translucent form of chrysoberyl depicting a chatoyant effect is called the Cat’s Eye. It is also called as Cymophane, which has derived its name from Greek vocabulary meaning appearance, or wave. Cat’s eye stone is considered to be very hot in nature, and other minerals such asspinel, tourmaline, corundum,scapolite, and quartz can form "cat's eye" stones similar to the appearance of Cymophane. Click to Continue

  • Cinnabar

    If one would want to work with a crystal that depicts the changes that he/she goes through after identifying the ego of the small self to the soul’s consciousness of the true self, Cinnabar is the perfect and ideal crystal. Cinnabar is a colorful stone and has an amazing color that is relatively very uncommon in the color palette of the minerals. Cinnabar is said to have connection with the merchant alchemy, spiritual alchemy, and metal magic. Cinnabar is known as the Merchants Stone in the Orient. The strong metaphysical properties that this stone holds bring an increase in the wealth and business of the wearer.  It is believed that keeping a Cinnabar in one’s cash box increases his wealth and standard of living. Cinnabar empowers the wearer to complete his divine purposes of life and awakens his mystic and psychic abilities. For this purpose, Cinnabar has been honoured with the name of “The Magicians Stone”. Cinnabar is a powerful transformational tool that can be used for its energy to completely embrace the intrinsic genius. Click to Continue

  • Chrome Diopside
    Chrome Diopside

    Diopside or chrome Diopside is seems to be a very unusual name in for gems and jewels, but it is the most affordable green gemstone that can ever be found. Diopside is an extremely empowering stone for those who take strong interest in the well-being and safety of the planet. This convincing crystal endorses the supreme of 'service' to the earth. Diopside is an extraordinarily creative stone that can bring imagination and creativity to the bearer. This stone is linked with commitment, love, ingenuity, and the inner heart. This stone is also termed as the “crying stone”, because in brings cleansing tears for healing trauma. There is a prevalent fact in the gem world that green gemstones are relatively common, but naturally occurring green gemstones are rare. Diopside is one of those rarely occurring green gemstones. Click to Continue

  • Goldstone

    An energy stone as popularly called as, Goldstone is often mistaken for being a mineral, but it is actually a glittering from of glass which was produced long ago as a result of an accident done by a human being.  In other forms, we can say that it is a man-made glittering glass. According to folklores, an alchemist during his experiments, or a monk while producing a secret recipe mistakenly poured copper shavings into molten glass, which produced an element which was hard and glossy in nature and characteristics. This incident explains the trade names for this gemstone, such as monk gold, gold flux, monk's stone, and even goldstone itself. Goldstone, in the past, was known as Aventurine glass, which has been taken from its Italian name “avventurina”, which literally means “accidental” , “by luck, or “by chance”. Goldstone is thought to be the stone of aspiration and ambition.  It instils liveliness, energy, audacity and an optimistic attitude.  It increases the urge to achieve something, and confidence to accomplish any task.  A soothingly healing stone, Goldstone is believed to promote vivacity and vitality. Click to Continue

  • Kunzite

    Kunzite is a beautiful pink crystal, which is joyful in nature and packed with energy. It is a stone that is believed to connect heart to heart, and to stimulate the connection between two people. This stone of abundant and unconditional love was named on the jeweller and mineralogist George Frederick Kunz, who introduced this stone way back in 1902. Kunzite is often called the Woman's Stone, particularly the light pink one. Moreover, pink colored stones are extremely popular amongst women, whether it is Kunzite, or Spinel, or Sapphire. However, these stones are found in small sizes only, but Kunzite is the best choice for those who desire for large carat gemstones. The appeal of this gemstone is in it clarity and in its gentle pink color, which adds charm to a women’s appearance. Click to Continue

  • Obsidian

    With a glossy sheen, Obsidian is a distinctive stone, which is the made of the molten lava that forms from the volcanic eruptions. Obsidian is generally deep black in color, and has the characteristic of absolute mystery. The energy of this marvellous black stone draws the wearer in gently, but very profoundly, which makes the Obsidian more powerful and alluring in many ways. Time and again, Obsidian has been called as the stone of truth, as it is believed to reveal never-ending secrets and anonymities, both about the workings of the universe, as well as about the inner world of the person at large. Being a black stone, Obsidian is primarily understood as the stone that can protect the wearer from evil or bad. It is thought to form a shelter against pessimism and to take up pessimistic energies from the surroundings. Click to Continue

  • Almandine

    The stone of tangible truth, Almandine is the stone of the Garnet family. It aids in making a pragmatic version of the physical world visible to everyone. The energy of Almandine helps in alleviating agony, panic and fear, and also helps in maintaining an unruffled association to the present. It lets the wearer to perceive the absolute and unconditional support of the Universe. Its rational properties also make it useful to those who want to explore the fields of astrology, astronomy, and mathematics. Almandine or Almandine Garnet fuses the liveliness and ardour of crimson and red with the more subdued, earthy tinges of auburn or brown, like the reflection of fire in wine. Almandine is an exceptional grounding stone, and is a lucky charm of fortification and uncompromising strength, both intellectually and physically.   Click to Continue

  • Peridot

    Peridot gems have been used since ancient times in the world of gems and jewellery. Earlier they were called as Olivine. This is a striking gemstone for manifestation of all desired things. These lovely stones are available in fresh lime-green color, which gives them a natural and subtle summer look. The color of the Peridot ranges from yellowish-green to greenish-yellow. They are readily available in every kind of jewellery, and are attractive and affordable. Peridots dates back to early Egyptians when they used to be the favourite and preferred of the royals and the clergies. Peridots were used in the adornment of everything from the crown of the queen to the sword of the knights. Moreover, they were one of the gemstones present in the jewellery box of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Click to Continue

  • Jade

    Jade is said to have that Midas-touch in it that has made it popular in mankind since ages. It is the stone of symbolic energy, and there are a number of mystical myths cling with this stone, which makes it more inimitable. Jade belongs to the category of semi-precious stones, and it has derived is name from Spanish word called ‘Piedra De Hijada’, which in its exact meaning refers to the “stone of the loin”.Jade gemstone is one of the curative stones that has been used extensively in prehistoric times, especially in the olden Eastern civilizations. This stone is therefore considered equally as a modern remedial tool, and an ancient ornamental mineral. Jades are stones of harmony and tranquillity, and due to their excellent characteristics they stand aside diamonds which are known as the most resourceful gemstones of all. Jade is also treated as a royal stone in some of the cultures and civilization in the world. Click to Continue

  • Eudialyte

    Generally considered as a stone that imparts personal power in the wearer, Eudialyte is an uplifting, lively and energising stone. It is occasionally considered a "Fine Tuner" as it facilitates with materialization, clairaudience, and telepathic significance and abilities, and is a defensive stone. Ardour, rationale and implementation are the gifts that Eudialyte holds into it to impart into whosoever wears it. Eudialyte is known to kindle amounts of happenstances and synchronicity in one’s life, which may help the one who wears it to see their dreams converting into reality. It helps to eliminate and unblock the blockages to originality and creativity, which lets the innate gifts given to everyone by the divine to flow as they were meant to be. Click to Continue

  • Larimar

    Recently discovered and relatively a newly welcomed stone in the world of gems and jewels, Larimar has been honoured with the title, “The Blue Stone of Atlantis”, due to its amazingly striking blue color. Also called as the stefilia’s stone, Larimar is a rare variety of pectolite, which is only found in the Dominican Republic. Larimar exhibits in itself the beauty of sparkling blue-water and island, which surrounds its place of origination. Larimar is often confused with blue jade or translucent turquoise, but Larimar in itself is such an astounding stone that it needs no guide for its recognition. Larimar was originally discovered in 1916 by a Spanish priest, but no mining took place. Then, in 1974, the volunteers of the American Peace Corps rediscovered the stone on the seashores of Barahona. Larimar derived its name from one of the volunteer’s daughter called “Larissa”, which was combined with the Spanish word for sea called “Mar”. Click to Continue

  • Moldavite

    Moldavite will mesmerise the onlooker in just one glimpse of it. This beautiful green talisman is the epitome of greatness, ethical values, and destiny. Moldavite takes it shape from the violent meteoric impact of it with the mother earth; hence we can say that this amazing piece of stone is star-born. Moldavite is a form of glass that naturally occurs, and it was found in Czechoslovakia in 1787 along the river Moldau. One can say that among other variety of gems these are also ones, which are claimed to be of extraterrestrial origin. They are actually believed to be the outer surface of the meteorites that melts and fuses while entering into the environment. Moldavite are quite different in their pattern also. They are generally torpedo shaped or elongated, and they have a diagnostic pattern having bubble and fern-like structure. Moldavite is also known as the 'Vltavin' or 'Bouteille Stone' in Czech. This highly valued stone is extensively effective in its metaphysical practices as well. Click to Continue

  • Unakite

    A combination of three minerals, Green Epidote, Pink Fieldspar and Quartz, Unakite is a balancing stone that keeps the trio of mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects attuned. The ease of tumbling, the polish, and the compactness has made this stone a standard stone gem that can be used for ornamental and jewellery purposes. It has derived its name from the Unakas Mountains in the USA. Unakite is also known as Epidote, which has derived its name from the Greek epidosis meaning “growing together. Click to Continue


    Basically an unusual mineral, Labradorite exhibits the vibrant presentation of various colors that are caused due to the internal fractures that the stone has, which displays the light back and forth giving the view that the stone is playing with the array of colors that it contains.  This effect is popularly known as Labradorescence. Labradorite Crystal is a stone that is believed to contain magic. It awakens within the wearer the magical and exquisite abilities and intuitive powers. Labradorite has derived its name from the Labrador Coast in eastern Canada. The natives of Labrador have been worshipping this stone since its inception, and they call this stone as the “firestone” due to the light-refracting properties that the stone reflects when the light is passed through it. Click to Continue

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli

    Deep blue colored, semi-precious stone, Lapis lazuli or Lapis is venerated and highly prized for its extremely intense color since ancient times. This marvellous piece of stone has been the favourite of royals, monarchs and spiritualists, and why not? The deep cobalt blue color of this stone with flecks of gold in between truly epitomises royalty and grandeur. Other than being a semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli is also recognised and well-liked for the Feng Shui fact attached with it. The name of this stone has been derived from Latin an Arabic, Lapis in Latin means stone, and azul in Arabic means blue, hence the name itself speaks for the appearance of the stone i.e. Blue Stone. Click to Continue

  • Moonstone

    Moonstone is considered to be as ancient as the moon itself, and holds the power of secrecy and mystery. The secret and truth of this miraculous stone lies beneath the pearly white veil, and its reflection with the light makes the wearer understand its teachings and wisdom. Moonstone is primarily an amulet of the journey into one’s own mind and body, which takes the wearer deep into his own personality to recover, what is lost. Since times immemorial, Moonstone has been connected to the moon, and the most interesting part of moonstone is the enchanting play of light that it exhibits when kept and moved in different directions into light. Moonstone is also legendry as the Traveller’s Stone, and is mainly defensive of those who travel in night or upon the water, when the moon is shining bright. Click to Continue

  • Biwa Pearl
    Biwa Pearl

    Biwa Pearls are referred to as those pearls, which are originally freshwater pearls cultured by mussels, and not the oysters. Biwa or freshwater pearls does not have any external body at their core unlike to that of other saltwater pearls. The Biwa Pearl farmers cut the shroud of a living mussel instead of introducing an external body into the mussel. This process makes the mussel produce nacre, which eventually leads to the formation of an astounding pearl. In a sole freshwater mussel, approximately 25 pearls can be cultivated, and this process takes about three years to accomplish. Click to Continue

  • Topaz

    The Topaz has a vast history of thousands of years that is connected to it. Some people believe that Topaz got its name from “Topazos”, which is a small island near Red Sea. Ancient Greeks obtained this stone from there, and they started calling the stones as Topaz. The Topaz is also a famous birthstone in which blue Topaz is great for people born in December, and yellow Topaz for the people born in November. Generally, the colors in Topaz are not very hard to find, but the rarest and most sought-after of them all are found in pink and red. Imperial Topaz is considered as the most valuable and high-prized stone. It was named as imperial to honour the Russian royalties and czars, because the Ural Mountains which were a leading producer of pink Topaz was owned by them. Click to Continue

  • Abalone

    Known extensively for its healing power, Abalone or abalone shell, according to a number of ancient civilizations,is the gift of sea to the human kind creating a direct connection with the heart by providing it counteractive relief. Although used in making jewellery and other carvings, Abalones are not exactly gemstones. They are basically mollusc, likewise to that of clams and scallops, which belongs to the class of shellfish. The tactile and comfortable-to-handle Abalones are harvested for their meat, and their valuable shells are used for making jewellery, decorative pieces, and various other trinkets. Click to Continue