The Dazzling Light Of Black Brings Power And Caters Security
Lack of color is a black color. Black is dark and signifies the beauty of the dark night. Black does not illuminate the landscape. Black is dark ...
Sat, Aug 22nd 2015, 00:10
Help Your Center Self With Secret Gems
To control self from the distressing situations of the life, we need to balance our energies as well as ground the emotional and intellectual ...
Fri, Aug 21st 2015, 00:10
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Rare Opal To Debut At Australia Museum
A rare opal which was discovered in Coober Pedy in South Australia will soon be displayed at the South Australian Museum. Interestingly, the ...
Thu, Sep 3rd 2015, 00:30
$7 Million Price Expected On Rare Pearl In Sotheby’s Auction
Sotheby’s, one of the largest auction houses in the world, is expected to sell a rare grey pearl strand for a staggering $7 million. The ...
Thu, Sep 3rd 2015, 00:30
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Let’s Dive Into Deep Blue Ocean With The Plush Sea-life Inspired
Summer days, along with a wish of breezy air bring a thought of dark blue glistening sea and beach. The ocean call this season, has blown ...
Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 00:20
Bewitching Royal Blue Touch Jewels
Meant for ornamenting the feminine avatar, the opulent jewels immortalize “her” beauty. These charms are whispered as the peerless ...
Tue, Sep 1st 2015, 00:10
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Blake Lively’s Custom Leather Diaper Bag Gets Named After Daughter
Blake Lively seems to be going all out to master different arts. Now as a fashion designer and founder of the bohemian lifestyle hub Preserve, ...
Thu, Sep 3rd 2015, 00:40
Princess Diana’s Versace Gown Auctioned For $200,000
The beloved Princess Dianawas loved for many reasons. One of those reasons definitely was and remains that she had an impeccable style which was ...
Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 00:40
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Sonora SunsetSonora Sunset
Sonora Sunset often spelled as Sonoran Sunrise or Sonora Sunrose and Sonoran Sunset. It is a gem nugget that is formed by the combination of
Wed, Sep 2nd 2015, 05:37
Dolomite, extracted in various hues assessed as a gentle gem that heartens compassion and bounteousness. It too encourages the feeling of giving as
Fri, Aug 28th 2015, 04:07
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Amethyst, the violet-purple variety of quartz often used as an adornment in jewellery. Among the several varieties of quartz, Amethyst is the
Fri, Aug 14th 2015, 01:12
Belongs to one of the varieties of Beryl mineral, Aquamarine derived its name from the blue sea water. Renowned as the stone of people born in March,
Fri, Aug 14th 2015, 00:59
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The queen of the gemstones and the most powerful precious stone in the universe, Ruby is largely associated with love, attraction, and passion. It is
Fri, Apr 24th 2015, 00:38
One of the most precious stones of all, Emerald holds its own significance in the world of gems and jewels. It is a variety of mineral beryl and is
Fri, Apr 24th 2015, 00:30
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