• Leopard Jasper Picture
    Leopard Jasper

    November 22, 2014 2:20 PM

    Jasper is one of the forms of chalcedony, which is opaque and impure variant of silica mineral. Leopard Jasper is reddish taupe in appearance and it is redolent of a leopard skin. Hence, sometimes it is known as leopard skin jasper. The alternate name of Leopard skin jasper is Jaguar Jasper, as it represents the appearance similar to the animal family. Indians of the Americas believe that this stone belongs to their culture and traditions. Although, Indians also think that Mexico is the centre of the world, as Leopard Japer was first discovered in that location. In ancient times, people also believe that the world is made up of leopard skin jasper stone. Most of the people consider Jaguar Jasper as a protective stones against wild animals and creatures. On the other hand, it is said that a harmonized connection can be established between a man and the animal world with this amazing stone. Leopard skin jasper has the ability to provide a person major aspects for physical healing. Click to Continue


    November 22, 2014 11:50 AM

    The rare carbonate of zinc, Smithsonite sometimes referred to as “zinc spar”. This stone was named after the British chemist and mineralogist, James Smithson (1765-1829). James Smithson founded the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and in 1832, Smithsonite was confirmed as a distinct mineral. Smithsonite is considered as the world’s second most important industrial ore of the metal zinc, and the first one is Sphalerite. Based on the rarity of gemstone quality, this stone is considered as the least popular gemstone. Therefore, gem collectors were the one, who sought this stone rather than jewelry designers. The alternate name of Smithsonite is bonamite, which usually occurs as the earthy botryoidal masses. Smithsonite is considered to be the secondary mineral that forms in the parts of copper and zinc deposits. These copper and zinc deposits tend to oxidized by the process of air and water. Well formed crystals of Smithsonite can be found rarely. Click to Continue

    Petrified Wood Jasper

    November 22, 2014 11:42 AM

    Stone of transformation – Petrified Wood Jasper, is formed from the petrifaction process of primeval trees and gigantic sequoias, and those trees remained hermetic for millions of years. In ancient times, these stones were considered as a religious object by the Etruscans. Nowadays, petrified wood jasper stones are used by those who follow esoteric traditions to recall their pleasant memories and their former lives. It is believed this petrified wood was a living and breathing tree in olden days, but after some time it was buried and fossilized to make an amazing stone for mankind. Fossilized wood jasper is one of the names of this stone, and sometimes quartz and opal can also be found in this group. This stone acts powerfully during reducing obstacles. It can also help an individual in achieving their goals and aspirations. After wearing this stone, it shows the smooth path towards one’s goals. Person, who anticipates any attempt and facing many difficulties in his life, can be blissful with healing properties of this kind of Jasper. Click to Continue

  • RHODONITE Picture

    November 22, 2014 11:35 AM

    Rhodonite is believed to be the stone of charm and sophistication. In ancient times, this stone used to give to those persons, who go for long journeys, as it is considered as a protective stone. This stone has the capability to warn a person against any dangerous situation, as it makes the heart beat of the person to accelerate suddenly. The word Rhodonite is derived from the Greek word “rhodon”, which means “rose”. Since, Rhodonite gemstones resemble the same rose color in their appearance. The attractive color and vitreous gleam, makes Rhodonite a perfect gemstone for ornaments and jewelry. In 1979, Rhodonite is believed to be most stunning material; hence it was designated as the official state gem for Massachusetts, United States. In 1819, this amazing gemstone was conformed as a distinct gemstone. Rhodonite gemstones are often confused with other pink colored stones such as Rhodochrosite and Rhodolite. The only difference between these stones is their hardness. Click to Continue

  • Brazilianite Picture

    November 22, 2014 11:25 AM

    Brazilianite is considered as a competent healing stone and used as an amulet by the primitive people of South America. The name of this gemstone is derived from the country name, where it was first discovered. In 1944, this yellow green phosphate mineral was found in Minas Gerais, Brazil and it was implicit as chrysoberyl. Then a mineralogist, F.H. Pough discovered that it is completely a distinctive mineral, and then it was named on its discovered location i.e. Brazil. This rare and unusual gemstone was cut for stone collectors and jewelers, due to its sparkling yellow colored crystals. Similar appearance of Brazilianite crystals has been confused with confused with chrysoberyl, beryl, apatite and topaz in ancient times. Stone of return – Brazilianite comprises rich and purified energies, which helps the one get back the natural health and healing system in their previous state, and this process brings harmony and balance within one’s life. Brazilianite is considered as a competent healing stone and used as an amulet by the primitive people of South America. The name of this gemstone is derived from the country name, where it was first discovered. In 1944, this yellow green phosphate mineral was found in Minas Gerais, Brazil and it was implicit as chrysoberyl. Then a mineralogist, F.H. Pough discovered that it is completely a distinctive mineral, and then it was named on its discovered location i.e. Brazil. This rare and unusual gemstone was cut for stone collectors and jewelers, due to its sparkling yellow colored crystals. Similar appearance of Brazilianite crystals has been confused with confused with chrysoberyl, beryl, apatite and topaz in ancient times. Stone of return – Brazilianite comprises rich and purified energies, which helps the one get back the natural health and healing system in their previous state, and this process brings harmony and balance within one’s life. Click to Continue

  • Mookaite Jasper Picture
    Mookaite Jasper

    November 22, 2014 11:19 AM

    “Mookaite” term is an unofficial invented name, which is referred as an Australian Jasper. Kennedy Ranges of Western Australia and in extension near the Mooka Creek is the place, where this stone was discovered and named. This Australian Jasper comprises a bold and earthy elegance in the appearance of Mookaite crystals. Mookaite Jasper is also considered as a powerful healing stone that connects an individual with the effective energies of the earth. This aboriginal stone is also known as the Mother Earth stone, which is very popular gemstone throughout the world, because of its influential healing capacities and connecting facility with the Earth’s energy. The crystals of Mookaite Jasper occurs in number of varieties such as Mookite, Moakite, Moukite, Mookalite, Mookerite, Mook or Mook Jasper, as per the Mooka Creek, who invented this stone, Mookaite is the most correct variety. Mookaite can be introduced as a combination of chert, opalite and chalcedony. Its description completely depends to the amount of silica, which is present in the material. Slow aging is one of the most important healing properties of Mookaite stones. Click to Continue


    November 22, 2014 11:14 AM

    Seraphinite is believed to be the stone which is related with angels, due to its high energies and relationship with angels; hence, it is also known as the angel stone. The name of this stone was derived from “seraphim”, which is Greek word. Seraphim belong to the celestial group with three pairs of wings. It is considered that Seraphinite helps in communicating with angels and those angels provides supports to the wearer. This stone is believed to be the stone of spiritual enlightenment. The alternate names of this stone are Seraphim and Green Chlorite. A German geologist, Abraham Gottlab Werner has given “chlorite” name to this stone, and as it shows green hue, and then it was popular as a Green Chlorite. Chlorite was derived from the Greek word “chloros”, which means green. Green Chlorite or Seraphinite is one of the most important stones that have been found for connecting and contacting the higher powerful energies. Although, due to the hardness of Seraphinite, it is not considered as jewelry stone, so usually it is a collector’s stone. Click to Continue

  • Pyrite Picture

    November 21, 2014 4:40 PM

    Often termed as the “Fool’s Gold”, Pyrite is a beautiful and useful mineral stone which exactly looks like an imitation of gold. Te gleaming beauty of this mineral hides in itself the power of protection and shield that safeguards the one who wears it against all negative and pessimistic energies. Pyrite is an element of earth, and also reverberates to Fire energy. The fire and earth energy both symbolizes the wearer’s ability to generate prosperity and wealth by one’s power. It also connotes to lasting presence and warmth. Pyrite is considered to be masculine in power and nature; it is a stone of action, will and vitality. Pyrite is believed to bring confidence into the person that carries him through the phase of completing the tasks he took up. Pyrite was extensively used in jewellery making in the ancient times, but now its popularity in jewellery making has slightly decreased. Pyrite, other than being called as ‘Fool’s Gold”, is also known as iron Pyrite and “Cat’s Gold” in Germany. Pyrite once was extremely admired and high-prized by the native Indian tribes of America because it was believed to be a magical crystal for them. Pyrite was polished by them into mirrors for fortunetelling and gazing. Before the 18th century, Pyrite was used as a decorative stone for rings, jewellery boxes, shoe buckles, badges, etc. It was also very popular in England during the Victorian age. Click to Continue

  • Calcite Picture

    November 11, 2014 5:54 PM

    Calcite is one of the common gemstones in the world, which is abundant by nature, comprising 4% of total minerals. These prismatic crystals are found in the little deposits and smudges, which are in the form of Granite and Limestone. Alternate name for Calcite stones is Optical Calcite or Iceland spar or Iceland crystals. The optical calcite crystals have an extraordinary ability to origin images, which are probably doubled image refraction, whenever a person looks through the stone.  This rare mineral is an unusual form of cancrinite, which is used to make discrete layers. A mineral of constrained amount, cancrinite is formed in the Earth’s crust under the great pressure. It is considered as a powerful amplifier and cleanser which contain numerous types of energies. However, calcite is believed to be the most complicated mineral to be cut, due to its ideal cleavage that is in 3 different directions. Click to Continue

  • Aragonite Picture

    November 11, 2014 5:53 PM

    Aragonite – a centering stone is also known as tufa or tchazar crystal, which symbolizes legitimacy and understanding. This splendid stone was named after the Spanish River Aragon, where it was first identified in 1788. In ancient times of Roman and Greek, it was already well-known as a healing and decorative stone. They all love this stone including Indians, as it is very easy to work with Aragonite and to polish it. Therefore, it is said that Aragonite is an ideal stone for work of arts and carvings. Aragonite is an appealing and exceptional gemstone that is been unnoticed as compare to other ostentatious stones. However, due to its calm and affable colors, this stone can be used to make simple and pleasant designs. It is believed that Aragonite is familiar to the Earth Goddess, which promotes conservation and recycling traits. Hence, it is considered as a reliable earth healer and grounding stone. Click to Continue

  • Vesuvianite Picture

    November 11, 2014 5:51 PM

    The rare stone, Vesuvianite is a well known healing and protective stone. In 1795, vesuvianite was conformed as a distinct mineral, and it was first discovered on the Italian volcano Mount Vesuvius, which is a famous volcano in Italy. This stone was named on the place where it was described first, Mount Vesuvius. This stone is believed to be very energetic, as it aligns with the heart that helps the person in bringing comprehensiveness and reliability, which is quite positive. In ancient times, the Greeks called this stone “idokras”, which means a mixed form of minerals. Hence, Idocrase is an alternate name of vesuvianite, which was given by the Greeks. This mineral rich stone was most widely used by the Romans and Greeks, as they know about the powerful healing properties of vesuvianite. Vesuvianite is associated with many other minerals including calcite, diopside, epidote, garnet, mica and wollastonite. Click to Continue

  • Tiger’s Eye Picture
    Tiger’s Eye

    November 11, 2014 5:45 PM

    Tiger’s eye is one of the most inexpensive exceptional gemstones in the world. This gemstone obtains its name from its resemblance to an eye. In ancient times, it is considered that the occurrence of tiger’s eye stone is related to one of the varieties of quartz and i.e. chatoyancy, which is the outcome of needle-like form additions that are arranged in a way that they create a straight line at the heart of the stone, and give it an appearance of an eye. When it comes to protective stones, Tiger’s eye is the most favorite gemstone that is identified. The attentive eye energies of this stone have been used long for many years, in numerous forms of ornaments and jewelry. This stone is also being used as a decorative piece, to provide benefits with its powerful energy. We all know that the tiger tend to concentrates on its desires. Likewise, tiger’s eye helps an individual to concentrate on his desire and accomplish it with full determination. Click to Continue

  • Andalusite Picture

    November 11, 2014 5:31 PM

    Andalusite is a polymorph or aluminum silicate, which consist of two other minerals – Kyanite and sillimanite. Polymorph is a mineral, which comprises same chemical composite with different physical structure. The name of this stone was derived from Andalusia, Spain where it was first discovered. This stone was found before the birth of Christ. Most of the people feel that the original form of andalusite was first found in El Cardoso, which is a different Spanish region. According to the Greek tradition, andalusite is a form of Chiastolite. Cross stone is one of the alternate names of Andalusite. This stone possess extremely beautiful appearance, but it is considered to be one of the lesser known gem types, as it is widely used on generally basis rather than ornamental or jewelry carvings. Andalusite is well known for its changing color ability, as it shows different colors in different directions. Click to Continue

  • Alabaster Picture

    November 11, 2014 5:22 PM

    For centuries, Alabaster has been recognized around the world. This gemstone was named after a town named Alabaston, in Egypt, which is also one of the sources of Alabaster. In ancient times, Alabaster carvings were found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Drawing stone is one of the popular name of Alabaster, which has the magnetize things towards yourself or draw things to you. It only depends on what you need in your life. This stone also helps its wearer in drawing things towards him, when he or she does not need them. It is believed that Alabaster is connected with spirituality; hence it works wonderfully in making person spiritual or draws things of spirit. It is well known for its soaking quality, as it can absorb the energy of other stone, which one is carrying with Alabaster. Therefore, it becomes one stone which comprises energies of two. Click to Continue

  • CARNELIAN Picture

    November 05, 2014 3:12 PM

    Like the blazing splendour that sun exhibits at dusk, or the first flash of autumn, Carnelian is the stone that too fascinates due to its luminosity and radiance. Acknowledged as the stone of courage, motivation, leadership, and endurance, Carnelian is inspiring and protecting the mankind since times immemorial. Carnelian is the stone of Quartz family, and is the variety of an orange colored chalcedony. It has derived its name from a Latin word, which means “Flesh”. Carnelian has numerous ancient stores attached with it. In ancient times, it was strictly considered as the stone of noble or elite class. People who used to hold a social status were often buried with this stone. In ancient Egypt, Carnelian was called as the “setting sun”. It was associated largely with female energies and the mother goddess. Carnelian was wore to enhance the power of love, passion, and desire. Click to Continue

  • Pearl Picture

    November 01, 2014 5:49 PM

    “Pearl is the gem of queens and the queen of gems” Pearl-an organic gemstone are formed by the living creatures such as oysters and mollusks. It is produced when tiny stones or bit of sand gets inside the mollusk’s shell. Creating a solid pearl can take up to seven to eight years. It is one of the most magnificent and precious stone, which is used for jewelry and ornamentation. These stones can be compared with our own development and struggle for our inner growth. We can change and grow beautiful - this is the message, which a pearl signifies through their development and struggle. It is believed to absorb the negative energy from the wearer and rebounds the energy back with positive traits. In fact, pearl serves the wearer when he or she needs to deal with self-confrontation. Pearls are very popular wedding gifts and they are the symbol of pure divine love from the person who gives you these charming stones. These stones have curative powers due to the calcium content in the substance, and protein from its original source. Click to Continue

  • Turquoise Picture

    November 01, 2014 1:31 PM

    The talisman of kings, shamans, and combatants, Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone that the humankind has ever known. The beautiful shade that it holds has given the vocabulary of colors a new color called Turquoise. It is a stone of protection and strength, and gives you a soothing feeling when you keep it in hand. This ancient gemstone is highly regarded by a number of civilizations around the world due to the metaphysical and healing properties that it encompasses. Although being ancient, Turquoise finds itself in fashion again and again in every era as it has a magnetising beauty that attracts people to wear it in rings, earrings, neckpieces, etc. The name Turquoise is taken from the French word, “Pierre Turquoise”, which means “Turkish stone,” because the trade routes that bought Turquoise to Europe from the mines of Asia were taken through Turkey. The Venetian merchants used to often purchase precious and semi-precious stone from the Turkish markets. Click to Continue

  • Zircon Picture

    October 31, 2014 4:54 PM

    In ancient time, Zircon was known as “Hyacinth”. Perhaps, it is the most undervalued stones among other colorful and sparkling stones. These crystals are very popular due to their colorless effect, as it closely resembles diamonds and are used in jewelry and ornamentation. Clear and transparent, Zircon is a natural mineral made from pure Zirconium Silicate. The intense gleam and strong sparkles provides this stone a magnificent appearance. Click to Continue