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A gem is known to augment the intuitive strength of a soul; Apophyllite too serves to infuse the divine light to form a strong connectedness with the cosmic angels. The reverberating vibes of this enthralling gem nugget speculated to be associated with the power of spiritual guides. The pure white hues of the gemstone aid to develop the abilities to soothe the path for astral travel. The resonating energies of Apophyllite assessed to trigger the third-eye chakra in addition to the crown chakra to create a strong linkage between the spiritual powers of the cleric and the soul. The charismatic vibes of the stone too help to receive the spiritual energies from the universe and gain the divine understanding. Further, meditating with this alluring gem nugget too contribute to boosting up the psychic visions in addition to the sixth sense aside from promoting the well-managed life. The vivacity of the resounding crystal likewise serves to plan the assured future that only proffers positive vibes in the aura by keeping out the off-putting energies. It too helps to forget the distressing emotions gained from the past hurtful experiences. If talked about its physical healing properties, Apophyllite contemplates regulating the overall functions of the body along with the intellectual torso. It holds the propensity to perk up the functioning of the memory by improving the analytical skills. It too possesses the potency to heal the issues related to allergies and asthma. Furthermore, it is appraised to obliterate the stress and anxiety from the emotional and intellectual torso. To mend the body as well as stabilize it in accordance with the surroundings, Apophyllite tends to release fear and agonize from the overall body and attain equilibrium. The beguiling vibes of this charismatic gem nugget resonates at the high frequency and fills the aura with the compelling vibrations that brings tranquility and love in the span of life.

Since ages, it is estimated to hold the vibes that resonate at a high frequency to raise the spirit as well as energize the soul to gain he spiritual well-being. The precise, bright energy and vivacity of this alluring gem contemplate as the best stone to work with for attaining the higher self. The energy of the stone too excite the proper functioning of the pineal gland as well as serve to unfold the intellect for awakening the spiritual powers. It likewise suffuses the bright white light of unique vibrations that not only transmit the potent energies but too uplift the suppressed energies.

Apophyllite that is acknowledged to proffer reprieve the stressful sensations in addition to the tension and apprehension. The vibrant white hues of this magnetic gem nugget instill spiritualism and spiritual light to make the connection with the higher realm. It likewise brings a ray of hope that the coming phase of life will be right, as well as obliterate the downbeat thoughts and pessimistic patterns of leading a life. The hues of the stone also help the soul to feel composed, lighten and happy from the within.

Apophyllite holds the meaning of two words popular in Greece and these two beautiful Greek words that contemplated as 'get' and 'leaf'. In English refers to the inclination of shedding itself like a leaf in excessive heat. The captivating gem nugget is generally seen in colorless form but too comes in greenish tints in addition to some other colors like grey-white, yellow, red and rarely black. The colors are caused due to the inclusions of other minerals in it. The other minerals are Hematite and yellow Stilbite.

Apophyllite speculated to be extracted from the regions of Greenland, Norway, Czech Republic and Iceland. It is too rooted from the areas of Britain, Italy and Germany in addition to Brazil, Canada as well as Australia. The best quality Apophyllite can be dragged out from the Pune, located in India.

Apophyllite is seen in diverse patterns, but in nature it occurs in the pyramid shape as well as in druzy form on other minerals. The druzy form can be in clusters and the massive form. It tends to hold the high water content that infuse the capability to conduct electricity. It gives the spiritual lift to the soul as well as build up the inner vision by triggering the third eye chakra, moreover by clearing the energy blocks of the crown chakra.

Healing Properties

The high reverberating vibes of the Apophyllite wipe out the off-putting energies from the emotional and intellectual torso to make the soul light-hearted, tranquil and happier. The vivacity of the stone too strengthen the auric field and links the unsettled energies of the soul to the powers of the divine. Further, it augments the spiritual abilities to comprehend the purpose of a cleric to gift a life. It too releases the torpid energies that not only blocks the crown chakra, but too hinders the path of energy traveling and feel the beauty of life and love.

Apophyllite highly contemplates as a stone that highly reverberate to active the spiritual wisdom and contact with the higher powers of the cosmos. It clears the route of energies and allow them to move upwards towards the soul star chakra for knowing the real self and developing the inner vision. Apophyllite when fused with the Yellow Stilbite help to attain the information that contribute to understanding the happenings in the near future. It likewise helps to explore the real happiness and take the corrective actions, moreover gain the positive things from the present situations. The clear, potent vibes of the stone too proffer the communication skill to express self clearly and understand the necessity of the circumstances. It helps to enhance the telepathic abilities and make an unwavering connection that takes the soul to the higher realm and bring it back to the ground.

Apophyllite aside from creating a spiritual linkage with the higher energies too serves to attain the highest meditative state and know the divine meaning of the life. It too facilitates as well as beef up the conscious intellect to make a reliable and precise connection with the spiritual cosmos. Further, the reverberating vibes of the stone judged as an energy stimulator to evoke the power of the gemstone.

Physical Healing:

Since ages, Apophyllite is appraised to hold the potential to heal the physical illness as well as all the troubles related to the respiratory tract. It likewise strengthens the physical soul to create a protective shield around the torso to save from the allergies and the allergic reactions. It too treats the mucosa. Moreover, the pyramid shape of this enthralling gemstone revitalizes the exhausted eyes along with the issues related to vision.

The potent energies of the stone speculated to trigger the heart chakra that builds up the strength and cure the heart troubles. The reverberating vibes of Apophyllite act as a powerful energy conductor that transmits its energies into the physical torso to reinvigorate it. Further, it too set the third eye chakra on and proffers the feeling of joy, pleasure to make the internal soul happy. The diverse range of colors acknowledged healing the torso as per the energies associated. Aside from guarding the physical torso against the allergies, it too protects the soul from the skin troubles.

Spiritual Healing:


In the early periods, Apophyllite is regarded to make the sound spiritual connection with the higher realm as well as the aid in attaining the desired meditative state. It acts as an excellent assistant that help in communicating with the divine energies of the cosmos. The vivacity of the stone serves to enhance the mystical vision of the soul for smoother astral travel. It too proffers and suffuse the tranquil feeling all around for walking on the hard paths of life to gain the spiritual learning.

The potency of Apophyllite tends to keep the intellectual soul conscious and in the wakeful state to know, understand as well as feel the real transition phase. It takes the soul to the highest meditative state step by step to gain the knowledge of each.

The energies of the stone tend to activate the third eye chakra that helps to augment the clairvoyance along with the spiritual vision. The pyramid shape of the gemstone takes the spirit higher gradually and contribute to attaining and stay at the maximum point in the lifetime. It too helps to seek the inner self as well as find the truth behind the hurdles of the life span. It likewise augments the spiritual growth and makes stronger linkages with the forces of the universe.

Further, the potential of the Apophyllite is evaluated to build a proficient connection with the Guardian Angels and spirits for the expression of the Higher Self, furthermore create a harmonious aura all around.

Emotional Healing:

Apophyllite deemed as a gem nugget that help the soul to seek the true wisdom and know the real self. The energies of the stone put on the heart chakra that not only heals the emotional troubles but too help to obliterate the negative emotions from the inner soul in addition to the emotional heart. It likewise helps to find the truth behind the actions by boosting up the clairvoyant vision. It soothes the emotional torso and gives a clear view to stimulating the analytical thinking to take the decisions. It too infuses the potential to apprehend the self-behavior in addition to the others as well as provokes the hidden abilities to release the fearful attitudes out quickly.

Heals and Balances Chakra:

Apophyllite holds the potential to set on the third eye chakra in addition to the Heart chakra to embrace and understand the self-needs and emotions clearly. It too contemplates accepting the alterations of the life courageously. Third Eye Chakra that is often regarded as the 6th Chakra handles stimulating the sixth sense of wisdom. It links the energies of the inner soul to his instinct to evoke the intuitive power and deliver the non-verbal messages.

The emitting vibes of the triggered third eye chakra aid in effective communication, moreover transfer and receive messages from the past to the present. It too bestows the greatest observation skill to connect the unconscious intellect to the conscious for gaining the spiritual wisdom in life.

The Heart Chakra provokes by the enthralling gemstone; Apophyllite serves to control the emotions and feelings that can cause distress to the peaceful life. Further, the energies of the stone are predisposed to poise the hurtful self and maintain balance to lead a serene life. The color vibes of the stone too help the soul to understand the emotions and feelings as well as evoke the sensation of love to accept the approaching love.

Apophyllite Facts

  • Apophyllite in the pyramidal shape contemplates to trigger the energy and stay focused on the goals.
  • Apophyllite is used in gem elixirs to hearten the energies and resonate them in the overall torso.
  • Apophyllite brings energy to the heart chakra to mend the distressing emotional heart.
  • The reverberating energies of the stone too stimulate the third eye chakra to gain a focused vision.
  • It too soothes the stressful intellect along with the emotional heart.
  • Apophyllite too corrects the imbalances as well as bring the recognition of the real self.
  • It obliterates the mental blocks in addition to the off-putting thoughts and patterns to make it an effective gem nugget for healing the overall torso.


Metaphysical Properties

Apophyllite facilitates the connection with the cosmic angels; it too enhances the inner vision to know self better. The vivacity of the booming gemstone likewise aids to plan the inevitable future that only proffers constructive vibes in the atmosphere by keeping out the repellent energies. It too helps to overlook the upsetting emotions gained from the past spiteful experiences. If talked about its physical therapeutic properties, Apophyllite considers normalizing the overall functions of the torso along with the intellectual body. It has the propensity to perk up the operation of the memory by improving the analytical sciences. It too possesses the authority to cure the issues connected to allergies and asthma. Furthermore, it is appraised to obliterate the stress and anxiety from the emotional and intellectual torso. To heal the physical structure equally well as stabilize it in conformity with the surroundings, Apophyllite tends to relinquish fear and agonize from the overall body and reach equilibrium

Apophyllite Color

The captivating gem nugget is generally seen in colorless form but too comes in greenish tints in addition to some other colors like grey-white, yellow, red and rarely black. The colors are caused due to the inclusions of other minerals in it

apophyllite color


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