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A beautiful mauve-colored soul stone, Charoite is a stone, which when taken into hands makes a person feel relaxed from within due to its pacifying and tranquilizing color. It is the stone of transformation, and is highly used to overcome the phobias and fears.

Charoite is a rarely found silicate mineral that was given its name in 1978 on the river Chara, in eastern Siberia, Russia. The translucent lavender to purple hue of this stone gives it a pearly texture that makes it look more stunning and worth-wearing.

Being the stone of transformation and power, Charoite frees the body from all the pessimistic and negative energies that bounds the body from thinking better for your life.

The energy of Charoite reaches out to the wearer to inculcate in him/her the best ways of living life, and the purpose because of which he has taken birth. The vibration of this amazing stone encourages the wearer to have the power of giving and contributing. The healing energy of this stone integrates chakras and connects a person with his soul.

Healing Properties

The benefits of this astounding stone are:

  • Physical Healing

Charoite is generally meant to strengthen the body, and inculcating high frequency energy into the body so that the diseases and ailments can be cured. It overcomes exhaustion by regulating the flow of blood into the body. Charoite is regarded as an excellent cleanser, and it is believed that if the elixir of this stone is taken, which can be made by soaking the stone overnight in the body, can prove to be really effective.

Charoite is a soothing therapy to the nerves, and is believed to calm Asperger’ syndrome, ADHD, and autism. It helps in overcoming sleep problems, like insomnia, sleepwalking, talking during sleep, and evil nightmares. Other than these cures, Charoite also provide relief from cramps, headaches, migraine, and various other pains. It also improves the degraded condition of pancreas and liver.

  • Emotional Healer

Charoite is believed to be a stone for releasing and getting rid from the fears and pessimism. It allows the wearer to examine and scrutinize the unknown fears and phobias, and also let him discriminate between what is real and what is unreal i.e. created by mind. The cleansing energy of Charoite aligns the intellect and heart to see through oneself by creating a connection between mind and body. By encouraging flexibility, and the attitude of letting go the things, Charoite inspires one to move with understanding and fidelity in a relationship.

Charoite is also favourable in battlingpressures and obsessive stuffs, and temperingdefeat and apprehension. By fetchingabout the wearer with a more relaxed attitude, Charoite helps one in being patient, and seeing the things with good attitude.

  • Heals and Balances Chakra

Charoite kindles the heart and crown Chakras by making their energies to clean the aura of the wearer, and bringing spiritual healing to the corporeal and emotional body.

The Heart Chakra is positioned near the midpoint of the breastbone. It controls the communication of the wearer with the outside world, and governs what we embrace and what we repel. It gives the individual his own identity in the environment by stimulating the heart chakras. Shades of pink in Charoite is great in dealing with the emotional issues.

On the other hand, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head, and act as a gateway to the universe beyond our bodies. It controls our thinking, and makes certain that how we respond to the world. When the crown chakra remains in balance, the energies of our body also remains in balance. The imbalance of the crown chakra are cured with stunning mauve Charoite, which inspires life force in our body.

  • Augments Spiritual Energy

To be in coordination with the high and spiritual energies that Charoite holds opens wide spectrum for the wearer to serve the path of humanity. It enhances in one the nature of giving, and enhances brotherhood that exist between individuals, and the environment in the planet.

An ideal crystal for adapting into high-frequency vibrations, Charoite is also beneficial for people who heal other with such energies. Charoite facilitates the flow of energy in the whole body, and ensures excess energy to avert mental tiredness.

  • Effective while Meditation

Meditating with Charoite transforms pessimism, and helps a person finds his spiritual self. It is marvellous for purifying the aura, and instilling emotional purity in the chakras so that one can connect with the universe. Charoite may also stimulatethe glance of past life, and advise ways to amend karma on anindividual and communal level.

  • Used as a Feng Shui amulet

Charoite consumes Fire Energy, which is considered to be the energy of passion, warmness, intensity, brilliance and action. Being Yang in nature, Charoite provides the energy encompassing warmth, action, sentiment and desire of thoughts, notions, and sex. As a Feng Shui element,Charoite is conventionallyrelated with the south area of a house or room, and with the reputation and status area ones house. The energy of this stone is used to boost the life, and earning a standing and status within the community.

Charoite Facts

Some facts about Charoite

  • It is believed that if this gemstone is kept beneath the pillow while sleeping, it prevents all the evil and dismaying nightmares.
  • Violet crystals of Charoite honours Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom and knowledge.
  • Charoite is not a traditional birthstone.
  • There is no zodiac sign attached with this birthstone.


Metaphysical Properties

A rare silicate mineral, Charoite is originatedfrom where a syenite of the “Murunskii Massif” has intervened into, and transformed limestone deposits generating a “Potassium Feldspar Metasomatite”. Charoite, when found, does not look attractive, and is also opaque in texture, but the constant processing and polishing makes this stone look like an exquisite gemstone.

Charoite is a compound silicate mineral encompassingcomponents such as strontium, potassium, calcium, sodium,oxygen, barium, silicon, and hydrogen.

On Moh’s scale the hardness of the stone weighs in between 5 to 6.

Charoite Color

The distinctive color of Charoite that ranges from perky lavender and bluish-purple to profound purple, together with the unusualshapes and patterns makes it often mistaken as anartificialor synthetic stone. Charoite has somewhat silky sort of lustre, and hence steam cleaning it or any other ultrasonic methods must be avoided for its cleanliness.

Charoite Colors

Charoite Silver Jewelry

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I heard that Charoite is the charm that helps in alleviating the phobias and fears. I was thinking that I should try it for my child. He is also going through this kind of problem. Should I try it? Suggest please.
Reply on 8/11/14
Yeah Paula… Charoite is the best gemstone in this case also. There are other powers and properties of this charm that you may get from the article above. I think this information has proved to be useful for you. One thing that you should do is that you should seek an astrologer to discuss about an apt gemstone for your child as all the gemstones doesn’t suit every person. Best of Luck to you and your family
Reply on 20/11/14
Most of the people believe that this charm should be kept under the pillow while sleeping so that the nightmares may get prevented. I really need it as I was in search of a gemstone with this special feature. Should I buy it? Please suggest.
Reply on 29/11/14
You should first ask for a suggestion from your astrologer for the same as its not like that if your needs matches with the properties of the talisman then you should go for it. It is more important that this stone should be suitable for you or should make a match with your zodiac.
Reply on 13/1/15
i have read about the cleaning tips of this gemstone in your content.. i also have Charoite gem piece. thanks for sharing informative is quite helpful..thanks once again..
Reply on 8/4/15
charoite works for Heart and Crown treats all the related issues...i find this gemstone helpful for me according to my requirement...should i go for it?? help me out...
Reply on 17/4/15
Jai should go for Charoite is good in this field...even in others too...I also have this gemstone...and my life in going smooth in all the aspects...feeling good to have it...
Reply on 28/4/15
Check out our new section "Ask Mittens" and post your question there. You will get reply for free. You can ask as many question you have, our experts will try to give you apt answer. Best of Luck..!!
Reply on 14/5/15
thanks Jewelexi for recommending such a nice way of getting rid from various healing related issues. I will try it. Hope I will get best solution.
Reply on 10/6/15
It is said that Charoite provide refief from headaches and migrane. I am looking for same talisman for my mother. Should I go for this...
Reply on 5/7/15
I'm a very lazy person i don't like to work much and i have never done any routine physical activities..This stone is really attractive and benefits in boosting energy in body and aids mental fatique.. So i want to buy it but before that would anybody will help me regarding choosing Charoite stone??
Reply on 3/10/15
Hello!!... Oksana.. well i will definitely suggest you this stone because i personally love it.. My experience is really good with it and i'm happy to have it.. After wearing, i found many changes in my body i got boost up with enegry... You should try it out!!
Reply on 6/10/15
Hey jewelexi.. Thank you for the complete info on this stone.. I really like your jewelry.. Moreover i do like to buy with you!!..
Had a good shopping experience on your personal website of jewelexi!!

Have a good day!!
Reply on 29/10/15
This world is full of fake people. Its like all alone , no good friends, no other companion, nothing just falseness all over. I feel very alone and i also can't judge who is true to me or who's not. I want a advice about this stone? will it work for me?
Reply on 26/12/15

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