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With a glossy sheen, Obsidian is a distinctive stone, which is the made of the molten lava that forms from the volcanic eruptions.

Obsidian is generally deep black in color and has the characteristic of absolute mystery. The energy of this marvellous black stone draws the wearer in gently, but very profoundly, which makes the Obsidian more powerful and alluring in many ways.

Time and again, Obsidian has been called as the stone of truth, as it is believed to reveal never-ending secrets and anonymities, both about the workings of the universe, as well as about the inner world of the person at large.

Being a black stone, Obsidian is primarily understood as the stone that can protect the wearer from evil or bad. It is thought to form a shelter against pessimism and to take up pessimistic energies from the surroundings.

Healing Properties

Obsidian helps the wearer in following ways:

  • Protects from Negativity

Being a black stone, Obsidian safeguards a person against negative energies and absorb all in itself. It helps in letting go of the stress and anxiety that the wearer faces in his day to day life. Obsidian is used to block the negativity of any kind.

  • Protect against Depression

Obsidian helps in protecting those who are very susceptible to depression. It is believed to be a stone for the compassionate and temperate people of the world.

  • Used as a Feng Shui amulet

Being a Feng Shui cure, Obsidian is an excellent stone that can be kept in the North Bagua area of the house, which is related to the career and life energy of the residents. Obsidian uses the water energy, offers protection, and clears the obstacles that one faces on his path of life.

  • Act as an emotional healer

Obsidian is known for its strong emotional healing energy. It helps one in releasing any sorts of addictions, negative behaviour, eating disorder, and emotional blockages.

  • Cures various ailments

Obsidian helps in alleviating pain, reducing anxiety, and healing wounds by curbing the extra flow of blood. It is considered for the betterment of blood flow in the body, and therefore it is great for healing cold feet and hands.

Obsidian is also regarded as an effective treatment for the arthritis pain, joint problems, cramps, indigestion, and anxiety attacks.

Obsidian Facts

Some facts about Obsidian

  • Obsidian is not a proper rock since it is not made of mineral crystals.
  • Obsidians are formed only near to the active volcanoes.
  • Silica the mineral, which is found in 70% of the Obsidian stones.
  • Sometimes an Obsidian stone is directly exploded off from the volcano.

Metaphysical Properties

Obsidian is a physically occurring volcanic glass produced from igneous rocks due to volcanic eruptions. It is formed when lava that is extruded from a volcano cools down fast without much of crystal growth. Obsidian is a hard and brittle stone, and, therefore, its fractures have very sharp and jagged edges. It was used in the past as an element in piercing and cutting tools, moreover, it has also been experimentally used as a surgical blade.

There is a variety of Obsidian called as the Snowflake Obsidian, which is sprinkled with white patches where the portions of the rock start to crystallize.  The most valued Obsidian suggested by the gemologists is the rainbow Obsidian variety, which is found with beautiful and sparkling bands of green, purple, and golden colors.

The hardness of Obsidian on Moh’s scale is 5.5.   

Types of Obsidians

  • Rainbow Obsidian

Worshiped by the Mexican-Indians as the stone that was inhabited by the god itself on the earth, Rainbow Obsidian is a stone that brings pleasure and enjoyment to one’s life. It is also termed as the “Stone of Pleasure” because of its metaphysical properties.

Rainbow Obsidian has the speckles of purple, green, and golden color, which gives it a beautiful rainbow-like effect. It helps in treating the ailments related to pancreas, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, ovaries, and pituitary gland. Rainbow Obsidian helps the wearer in identifying his weaknesses and strengthens them.



Obsidian Color

Obsidian is in black color, but it can also be found in brown spotted with black, light brown, and black with a striking golden or silver gleam.

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Obsidian has nice healing properties whether it is physical or emotional. I want to try it. Is it suitable for me? Please suggest.
Reply on 7/11/14
Hi Sam… Firstly you should be sure that your requirements match with the healing properties of this talisman. After this you should consult with your astrologer, he will suggest you an apt gemstone for you.
Reply on 19/11/14
Please keep these posts up they help tons.
Reply on 29/12/14
No complaints on this end, simply a good piece.
Reply on 7/1/15
this gemstone reduces the pain, anxiety and heals the wounds...quite useful gemstone...how can i know that it is suitable for me...please help me out...i want to tune it...
Reply on 16/4/15
hey Davidson, you may ask Jewelexi, they will give you an apt reply. You may post your free question on Ask Mittens page and their experts will soon be there with your answer which will help you in this.
Reply on 25/5/15
Jai Davidson
Thanks Fritz, I was also waiting for any service like this which is totally free and simultaneously satisfy the customers with the best and apt solutions ever. In fact I want to thank Jewelexi for doing such a nice job. Obsidian is beneficial charm. I want to enquire about it.
Reply on 18/6/15
This Obsidian stone is excellent to assist you to release disharmony that has built up in your day to day life and during work on yourself, including resentment of others, fear and anger
Reply on 30/6/15
Adaline claes
hello! i need help. my husband keeps many secrets with me. and i want to know all his truths.. is this stone will work for me?
Reply on 13/8/15

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