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My son (Jack) has always been a spoilt brat since his childhood. He was given all the luxury which he demanded that has consequently made him stubborn and short tempered. He is reluctant to listen to anyone and wants everything the way he wants, me and my wife are disappointed due to his behavior. As he is our eldest child and a teenager we're afraid how he would survive in the world with this temper. Can you suggest anything to him?
Asked By: Mark Mistrioty on Mon, Feb 29th 2016, 05:11 1 answers Category: Anger
Last summer I was enjoying a roller-coaster ride, and suddenly an accident happened due to some technical failures. Since then I'm on a complete bed rest due to a severe spinal injury. A team of doctors is always there to help me out, but I find nothing that can help me to improve my condition. Can you suggest anything?
Asked By: Shane Williams on Sat, Feb 27th 2016, 03:17 1 answers Category: Physical Health
I know that being born poor is not your mistake, but if you die poor, it certainly is. I don't blame anyone for my misery, but the problem is that I'm not able to achieve my goal of starting my own business. I've worked hard to earn my savings and set up my coffee-house. But now and then when the whole scenario is finalized either someone backstabs or something odd happens. I want to know that if its possible for me to make my goal achievable.
Asked By: Travis Parks on Wed, Feb 24th 2016, 21:46 1 answers Category: Career
My life has always been on a monotonous and boring side, actually quite similar to a frog who always remains in a small pond. Whose reluctant to even step ahead and make a move, this behavior has made me struggle a lot. I'm not able to try anything in life to achieve something and often consider even a leap ahead as the danger. I really want to change my life and leave behind this loser's attitude, can you advise something for me.
Asked By: Will Parkson on Tue, Feb 23rd 2016, 22:45 1 answers Category: Fear
I'd a lot of relationships in my life since childhood. I always felt it as a game to change partners on regular intervals but now after attaining maturity, I realize it as a serious issue. I want to become a loyal partner towards my soulmate, but it's very difficult for me to make people realize that finally I have changed my aura. People still relate me to the old reputation associated with me. Can you please help out in this matter?
Asked By: Venus Parker on Tue, Feb 23rd 2016, 00:38 1 answers Category: Relationship
I’ve worked for a reputed financial firm as the consultant for around 15 years. But due to some misunderstandings and debt loss they fired me last month. Currently, I’m a jobless nerd who has tried his level best to grab an opportunity. But due to my past firm’s record nobody is willing to offer me any job, I’m not able to understand what to do or not. Can you please help me with this issue?
Asked By: Prince Walters on Wed, Feb 17th 2016, 21:49 2 answers Category: Career
I've had years of continued intense physical and financial and relationship problems. I've lost my business too. What can help me?
Asked By: Lorinda Briesacher on Wed, Feb 10th 2016, 19:40 0 answers Category: Physical Health
My sister, SANDY met with an accident last year and since then she is on complete bed rest due to
severe spinal pain. She has been undergoing treatment rigorously but nothing works. She has
become completely frustrated due to this, I want to see her normal and healthy. Can you suggest a
remedy for it?
Asked By: Brad Williams on Wed, Jan 13th 2016, 01:39 1 answers Category: Physical Health
I've always been a baseball freak since my childhood. I've been practicing rigorously for the past five years to get a chance in Detroit Tigers,also represented my college team as main Pitcher. My selection trials are scheduled next month and I don't want to lose this opportunity.
I'm feeling a bit nervous about it as it's my goal of life to represent this impressive team. Can you please suggest anything to overcome my anxiety?
Asked By: Travis Parks on Mon, Jan 4th 2016, 21:57 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I've always been a sporty person in my life, but an accident in the past has totally changed my perception. A few months back, I got seriously injured while surfing, actually it was a dangerous shark attack. Somehow I escaped it, but the wounds of this incident are still fresh in my mind. I'm not able to forget it, making me afraid of doing anything. Can you please suggest a remedy for it?
Asked By: Shank Worell on Sun, Jan 3rd 2016, 21:37 1 answers Category: Fear
Currently, I'm pursuing graduation in business stream. This is my last year of course and I'm looking forward to a bright future. I'm a bit confused whether should I opt for job or pursue masters. I know that I'm capable of doing either of them, but not able to take a fair decision. Can you please suggest a proper suggestion for it.
Asked By: Daisy Parker on Wed, Dec 30th 2015, 04:03 1 answers Category: Career
I've always been a keen person regarding relationships, not satisfied with a single partner. At times, I'd have relationships with 4-5 guys in tandem. It was a sort of hobby for me, but now it feels like I should have a single committed partner. I want to settle down with my loved one and its really becoming difficult to get a loyal soul mate. I know my past has been very dramatic, but I want to put an end to all these things.
Can you suggest a remedy for it?
Asked By: Valentina Rose on Mon, Dec 28th 2015, 06:05 1 answers Category: Relationship
I'd broken with my girlfriend a year ago due to some misunderstandings and moved on. Meanwhile I kept myself busy with my work, but recently I heard that she had died due to an accident. I'm feeling dejected and guilty, wish if I could have met her once keeping my ego aside. I'm least interested in anything now, sometimes gives me a gut feel to commit suicide. Can you suggest any remedy for it?
Asked By: Brett Johnson on Wed, Dec 23rd 2015, 02:53 1 answers Category: Depression
My upbringing was done in a society full of criminals and drunkards. I'd spent my childhood in the company of notorious elements who made me work in anti-social things. But somehow I escaped those people before attaining adulthood since then I've tried to mix up myself with innocent people. But due to my past encounters with the society my behavior is full of anger and retaliation. I'm not able to bear anything that goes the odd way, and it bursts my anger to such an extent that it becomes impossible to control it. Can you suggest any remedy for it.
Asked By: oliver Bond on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 05:20 1 answers Category: Anger
I was a skiing professional for around ten years, but a major injury totally ruined my career permanently. At that point of time, I survived a severe spinal injury that still has its scars in my life. As you know its not an easy task to get rid of this problem, I've been practicing yoga and meditation to live a normal life. But all these things are going into the vein as I'm not able to withstand the back-pain, it really gets me irritated. Can you suggest a proper remedy for it?
Asked By: Patrick Johnson on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 02:47 1 answers Category: Physical Health
I'm a marketing professional who works in an advertising agency. I've been around for the past 10 years in this profession, although I chose this profession as per my interest. But, for the past few months, it doesn't give me vibes or any inspiration to continue anymore. I can't understand what's the reason behind it, but I need to work for my bread. Can you suggest any remedy to reform my interest in this profession as it was earlier?
Asked By: Daryl Huber on Mon, Dec 21st 2015, 05:27 1 answers Category: Career
I'm a medical student pursuing masters. I've been in a serious relationship for the past 5 years, initially things were perfect as always. But for the past few months everything has transformed, my beau tries to dominate me in every aspect. Earlier, I used to bear it to some extent, but now he always tries to dominate and influence my decisions in terms of personal and social freedom. This is really killing our relationship, talks have become a past game. I don't know how to deal with this situation, can you suggest anything?
Asked By: Terry Parker on Fri, Dec 18th 2015, 05:48 1 answers Category: Relationship
This New Year eve is very special for me as I'm going to perform with my band for the first time. I'm a junior guitarist in my troop which is one of the best in Dallas. I've undergone training since my childhood but performing in a live concert against a big audience is a different ball game. I'm not able to cope up with the pressure stigma as expectations are always high when you're part of a reputed group. Can you please suggest a moral booster to overcome this pressure?
Asked By: Jacob Tyson on Wed, Dec 16th 2015, 05:29 1 answers Category: Expectations
I'm a professor by profession and sports enthusiast who loves to try adventurous stuff. Few years back I had a major accident at the cliff while trekking. I survived a head injury by God's grace and after undergoing treatment I was declared fit. Everything went normal afterwards but for the past few months I'm feeling headache frequently, sometimes it becomes unbearable. I've consulted my doctor and taking medicines regularly but the situation is same. Can you provide any remedy for it?
Asked By: Philip Brown on Tue, Dec 15th 2015, 04:43 1 answers Category: Physical Health
I'm a software developer by profession, would be soon retiring from my job in March 2016. After spending a mammoth 35 years in the challenging industry of Silicon Valley;I've become a used to individual of this job. But, there is always a final day for everyone. I'm actually not able to decide what would be my next step after getting retired. It really makes me anxious all the time, can you please help me out to make a fair decision?
Asked By: Daniel Freo on Sat, Dec 12th 2015, 05:28 1 answers Category: Anxiety
My childhood had always been a traumatic journey, I somehow passed it. But the scars of my past are still alive and make me sleepless. It consequently ruined my present life, I'm always afraid that the past would repeat its fate again in almost everything. Can you please suggest a remedy to overcome my problem?
Asked By: Tory Wilson on Fri, Dec 11th 2015, 05:40 1 answers Category: Fear
I'm a sophomore in the business stream, and this is my last attempt to qualify for a big management firm to pursue an internship. I've always been an outstanding student. But for the past few months I lack the confidence and spark to fightback. As it is a very crucial point of my career, can you please help me out in this matter?
Asked By: Stephanie Balmer on Thu, Dec 10th 2015, 05:31 1 answers Category: Career
I've always lived a beautiful life with my better half. But due to nature's cruelty she is no more in this world, I can't even imagine living a day without her. My children live outstation with their families; it has become a lonely planet for me. Sometimes, I think of committing suicide but this is not the right path towards Jesus. Can you please suggest some remedy to my problem?
Asked By: oliver Bond on Wed, Dec 9th 2015, 06:01 1 answers Category: Depression
I'm really upset to think about my career. i want to become a doctor but due to some financial crisis i can't afford such higher studies..Actually we're going through huge losses in business. Please advice any stone for wealth and prosperity in our lives.
Asked By: Bella Galleti on Tue, Dec 8th 2015, 22:32 1 answers Category: Career
i'm a big foodie and like to eat lots of junk food.. Due to this fond, i'm getting over weight and lazy day by day please suggest me any stone?
Asked By: Ontario smith on Mon, Dec 7th 2015, 05:09 1 answers Category: Physical Health
I'd left my tiring office job around 6 months ago and spent the past few months in rejuvenating myself by travelling some wonderful places.
I recently picked an idea about running a handicraft shop as I'm driven towards creative things. But I'm not confident enough to do it due to over expectations. Can you please help me in this matter?
Asked By: Kate Pearson on Tue, Dec 1st 2015, 04:27 1 answers Category: Career
I'm a Software Developer by profession and often spend long hours of work in the office. This has consequently affected my personal life, my relationships don't last too long. I've frequent breakups due to lack of time, but I can't leave my job. Can you suggest something to overcome this issue.
Asked By: Daniel Freo on Mon, Nov 30th 2015, 23:20 1 answers Category: Relationship
I've been running a handicraft shop in downtown Chicago for the past 8 years. Since the beginning my profit graph has consistently increased year by year.
But for the past 2 years its not upto the mark despite following a proper work strategy. This has consequently made me depressed, I'm not able to handle this pressure. My health is deteriorating day by day, can you please help me out?
Asked By: rose bodson on Wed, Nov 18th 2015, 05:25 1 answers Category: Physical Health
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