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My son (Jack) has always been a spoilt brat since his childhood. He was given all the luxury which he demanded that has consequently made him stubborn and short tempered. He is reluctant to listen to anyone and wants everything the way he wants, me and my wife are disappointed due to his behavior. As he is our eldest child and a teenager we're afraid how he would survive in the world with this temper. Can you suggest anything to him?
Asked By: Mark Mistrioty on Mon, Feb 29th 2016, 05:11 1 answers Category: Anger
My upbringing was done in a society full of criminals and drunkards. I'd spent my childhood in the company of notorious elements who made me work in anti-social things. But somehow I escaped those people before attaining adulthood since then I've tried to mix up myself with innocent people. But due to my past encounters with the society my behavior is full of anger and retaliation. I'm not able to bear anything that goes the odd way, and it bursts my anger to such an extent that it becomes impossible to control it. Can you suggest any remedy for it.
Asked By: oliver Bond on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 05:20 1 answers Category: Anger
For the past few days I'm facing a lot of change in my behavior. A high voltage feud with my childhood buddy is the reason behind this transformation.
We've not talked with each other after that instance and this has made my anger exploding like a bomb. I'm not able to control myself and this has become a serious issue dealing with my life, can you please suggest a remedy for it?
Asked By: Davis ivar on Tue, Nov 17th 2015, 05:36 1 answers Category: Anger
I'm a football coach by profession for the past 15 years. I've always tried to get the best out of my team. But from the last season I've not been able to inspire our boys that have consequently left us empty handed. It has made my behaviour worse than ever, a completely frustrated and angry man. I frequently become agitated with everyone, can you please help me to get out of this situation.
Asked By: oliver Bond on Wed, Oct 14th 2015, 05:42 1 answers Category: Anger
For the past few months, I've not been able to control my anger. My friends and colleagues often complain that my behavior has become disgusting; moreover I'm intolerable for them. I don't know the exact reason, but I feel frustrated with my life. Can you please suggest a proper solution to this problem in terms of gemology science?
Asked By: Fred Johnson on Tue, Oct 6th 2015, 00:26 1 answers Category: Anger
I yell at my 14-year-old stepson most of the time, and this is stressful for my wife, I always try to control my anger but fails, I want help now..
Asked By: Benita wagner on Thu, Aug 13th 2015, 04:01 1 answers Category: Anger
Though my anger is confined to yelling, I never hit my kids, but this is not good I want to come over my anger. Any help.
Asked By: Hannah Mayr on Mon, Aug 10th 2015, 02:16 1 answers Category: Anger
Sometimes I feel resentment towards my wife and wonder if we have never been together, but then I don’t want to lose my marriage I need help in controlling my anger.
Asked By: Justin Johnson on Wed, Aug 5th 2015, 05:01 1 answers Category: Anger
I have come to the realization that my anger is ruining my wedding. I want to control my anger.. help!!
Asked By: Kayla Gosselin on Thu, Jul 30th 2015, 05:20 1 answers Category: Anger
My girlfriend gave me an ultimatum to control my anger otherwise she would leave me. Plz, Help!!
Asked By: Daniel Freo on Tue, Jul 28th 2015, 03:59 1 answers Category: Anger
My boyfriend, John yells at me but feels sorry later, he wants to control his anger.. any help!!
Asked By: Hannah Mayr on Wed, Jul 22nd 2015, 03:04 1 answers Category: Anger
My anger is badly affecting my relationships and I don’t want to lose my girlfriend, infact my health is also worsting just because of this. How to control.. Help!!
Asked By: Henry D'souza on Fri, Jul 17th 2015, 01:54 1 answers Category: Anger
My anger leave me feeling helpless and powerless. How can I sort out this?
Asked By: Linda Gruber on Tue, Jul 7th 2015, 04:59 1 answers Category: Anger
Sometimes I walk away/storm out when people are speaking to me and when I meet them again on some other occasion they tell me that my comment really hurt/scared them .. I don’t know how to control my anger.
Asked By: Amanda Koller on Tue, Jun 30th 2015, 01:32 1 answers Category: Anger
I get angry more often than most people I know and I get angrier than is necessary. Can you help?
Asked By: Stephen Koller on Thu, Jun 25th 2015, 03:14 1 answers Category: Anger
I stay angry, going over and over the incident in my head? How to overcome that.
Asked By: Walter Jackson on Fri, Jun 12th 2015, 22:02 1 answers Category: Anger
I use dark humor, sarcasm for a bit use an impatient tone and also raise my voice in the office. Help???
Asked By: Sarah Denial on Mon, Jun 8th 2015, 04:26 1 answers Category: Anger
I use threatening language and gestures when I am angry, I am afraid of my anger, but sometimes I get furious with small things my 5 year old daughter did. Can you help to control my anger?
Asked By: Virginia Paul on Sat, May 30th 2015, 01:50 1 answers Category: Anger
My ex girlfriend's new boyfriend restrict her to not to meet me. I want to kick that bastard. Should I kick on his face or on his butt ?
Asked By: Angry Guy on Thu, May 28th 2015, 09:01 1 answers Category: Anger
I hit my wife, kick my pet and throw my things when I get furious. I don’t know what the hell happens to me at times, can you suggest me any remedy to get over from my anger issues.
Asked By: Larry Ellie on Thu, May 7th 2015, 23:04 2 answers Category: Anger
I use to get muscle tension and a racing heart when I am angry, and then to calm myself, I get indulged in sex, drugs, alcohol or work which makes me away from my friends and family. What to do to control it, please help……
Asked By: George White on Thu, May 7th 2015, 23:02 1 answers Category: Anger
I usually feel worse about myself and for my partner, family and friends after expressing my anger because I become impatient and also raise my voice which is sometimes embarrassing. Can you help?
Asked By: Jose Jennifer on Thu, May 7th 2015, 23:00 1 answers Category: Anger
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