My upbringing was done in a society full of criminals and drunkards. I'd spent my childhood in the company of notorious elements who made me work in anti-social things. But somehow I escaped those people before attaining adulthood since then I've tried to mix up myself with innocent people. But due to my past encounters with the society my behavior is full of anger and retaliation. I'm not able to bear anything that goes the odd way, and it bursts my anger to such an extent that it becomes impossible to control it. Can you suggest any remedy for it.
Asked By: oliver Bond on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 05:20 1 answers Category: Anger
Hello OLIVER patience is a key to control anger, do not regret your past, but be cool as you need peace of mind to control your anger. I have the knowledge of healing crystals, so as an astrologer, I can say gemstones help to alleviate anger and control the mental body of its wearer. Your name numerology is 9 this helps me to know your nature and also that you certainly possess some qualities of the magical number 9, thus, I am suggesting you wear Sugilite. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 9. This number is ruled by the planet the Mars that makes you aggressive by nature and assertive. Sometime you fly into a rage, as you are also emotional, so becomes impatient and get angry easily.The calming energies of Sugilite drive away negativity and anger by creating harmony in a relationship as well as within your surroundings. Sugilite balances and heals all the chakras and opens the way to higher energies. The activated energies would help you to control your anger as well as keep your soul safe from disappointments or traumas. It is believed to control the mental stress as well.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 05:30
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