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I've always been a baseball freak since my childhood. I've been practicing rigorously for the past five years to get a chance in Detroit Tigers,also represented my college team as main Pitcher. My selection trials are scheduled next month and I don't want to lose this opportunity.
I'm feeling a bit nervous about it as it's my goal of life to represent this impressive team. Can you please suggest anything to overcome my anxiety?
Asked By: Travis Parks on Mon, Jan 4th 2016, 21:57 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I'm a software developer by profession, would be soon retiring from my job in March 2016. After spending a mammoth 35 years in the challenging industry of Silicon Valley;I've become a used to individual of this job. But, there is always a final day for everyone. I'm actually not able to decide what would be my next step after getting retired. It really makes me anxious all the time, can you please help me out to make a fair decision?
Asked By: Daniel Freo on Sat, Dec 12th 2015, 05:28 1 answers Category: Anxiety
Few years back I'd been running a successful clothing business but due to some faultered marketing strategy it got shut down. Consequently, it had severely resulted in a complete setback for me & my family. I was not able to accept the fact that after tasting years of success how can I lose the game. But now after some gruelling hardwork I have planned a new business set up with my partners, but its giving me sleepless nights. A feeling of anxiety is always there in my mind, can't even relax properly. Can you please suggest a remedy to this problem.
Asked By: Paul Huber on Tue, Oct 20th 2015, 05:14 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I worry too much about everyday things, big or small I tried to control my emotions and thoughts but could not handle it. Need help,, Can you help me out??
Asked By: rebicca Olsen on Tue, Aug 18th 2015, 04:21 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I want to keep my mind shut do I need anti-anxiety drugs to overcome my social anxiety troubles?
Asked By: Kimberly Gosselin on Mon, Aug 3rd 2015, 03:46 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I want to start a good habit by giving up my smoking, but my mind plays tricks with me and gives me goosebumps of anxiety. I need to overcome so that I can give a fresh start?
Asked By: Johnnie Denial on Wed, Jul 29th 2015, 22:13 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I am in a low entry job, but I always want to be rich and really worked hard in grades for that. For this, I often get anxiety attacks. I want to reduce it and work hard at my job.
Asked By: Virgil Eder on Mon, Jul 27th 2015, 22:10 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I am 23 and work in a field of public relations, I meet people who are anxious about something or other. How can I prevent myself from becoming anxious too?
Asked By: Donna Haas on Tue, Jul 21st 2015, 02:11 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I work hard at my trivial job, but sometimes I feel difficult to step out of my comfort zone and feel like butterflies in my belly while talking to people whom I see regularly. Am I suffering from an anxiety problem???
Asked By: Willard Jolly on Tue, Jul 14th 2015, 02:41 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I feel nervous breakdown while interacting with others in social situations. Can you advise me any proven treatment to overcome my anxiety?
Asked By: Ladonna Pichler on Sun, Jul 5th 2015, 22:24 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I have panic attacks while driving and when I try to pass my driving test. Any tricks to overcome my anxiety?
Asked By: Justine Denial on Sun, Jun 28th 2015, 21:55 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I am always anxious to work with other people about their behavior and all other things, in fact, I often feel anxious to call people on the phone? I want to overcome my anxiety. Can you help???
Asked By: Luella David on Mon, Jun 15th 2015, 23:55 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I always avoid to come across the rude people, I don’t know whether gaining social experience affects my mood. I think I have a social anxiety problem, and I want to overcome that. Can you help??
Asked By: Margret Jolly on Fri, Jun 12th 2015, 02:56 1 answers Category: Anxiety
How to get rid of my intrusive thoughts? How do I overcome my obsession of tracing my thoughts? Am I suffering from social anxiety disorder??
Asked By: Debbie White on Wed, May 27th 2015, 22:58 1 answers Category: Anxiety
I don't have confidence in going social event, how can I cure my social anxiety? Will medication help me to cure it, or should I wear any gemstone?
Asked By: Elizabeth Paul on Fri, May 22nd 2015, 22:28 1 answers Category: Anxiety
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