Few years back I'd been running a successful clothing business but due to some faultered marketing strategy it got shut down. Consequently, it had severely resulted in a complete setback for me & my family. I was not able to accept the fact that after tasting years of success how can I lose the game. But now after some gruelling hardwork I have planned a new business set up with my partners, but its giving me sleepless nights. A feeling of anxiety is always there in my mind, can't even relax properly. Can you please suggest a remedy to this problem.
Asked By: Paul Huber on Tue, Oct 20th 2015, 05:14 1 answers Category: Anxiety
Hello, PAUL anxiety and intense nervousness arises from the fear of losing your identity and self-esteem. As an astrologer, I can say gemstones help to alleviate anxiety and infuse self-confidence in the emotional and mental body. I calculated your name numerology to know about your intellectual and emotional heart better. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals. Thus, I am suggesting you wear Apophyllite as your name numerology is 5. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 5. This number is ruled by the planet Mercury that makes you lucky, soft as well as sensuous. It too makes you non-committal and a person who love to explore the beauty of the gifted spirit. The calming energies of Apophyllite help to release your suppressed emotions. It too serves to overcome the feeling of anxiety, worries, and fear. It acts as an attractor of opulence, riches and affluence in the life. Furthermore, it helps you to interact with courage. The flow of spiritual energies of this gem awakens the potency to acknowledge the self as well as communicate with the people around without any fear or guilt.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Tue, Oct 20th 2015, 05:58
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