How to get rid of my intrusive thoughts? How do I overcome my obsession of tracing my thoughts? Am I suffering from social anxiety disorder??
Asked By: Debbie White on Wed, May 27th 2015, 22:58 1 answers Category: Anxiety
Hi,, DEBBIE. I came across this question a lot any times because people often face this issue. I calculated your name numerology which is 9. It means that you certainly possess the personality traits of the people born under the influence of this number. Recognized to be dominated by the planet Mars, you lean to become angry easily as you are impatient. You can also fly into a rage and this makes suffer from the issues of social anxiety. As an astrologer and gemstone healer, I would recommend you to wear Turquoise; it is a powerful gem which is known to provide solace for your spirit as well as the well-being for your body. The refreshing blue color radiations of this potential gem will serve you to balance your overall mood and emotions. It is too believed to offer a sense of serenity as well as help you by restoring the depleted vitality of your body. It is likewise known to lift your sagging spirit. Turquoise is believed to help its wearer overcome anxiety by building a relaxing aura all around. It is too known to give ability to tolerate the stress giving people along with the stressful situations. The energy of this gemstone is known to transform your power of inner harmony as well as peace. It is known to make its wearer realize the power of spiritualism and its importance in this life.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Wed, May 27th 2015, 23:34
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