I'm a software developer by profession, would be soon retiring from my job in March 2016. After spending a mammoth 35 years in the challenging industry of Silicon Valley;I've become a used to individual of this job. But, there is always a final day for everyone. I'm actually not able to decide what would be my next step after getting retired. It really makes me anxious all the time, can you please help me out to make a fair decision?
Asked By: Daniel Freo on Sat, Dec 12th 2015, 05:28 1 answers Category: Anxiety
Hello DANIEL Anxiousness is a major worry in today’s life, and sarcastically it has become a voice of life due to ever changing positions. It not only hinders the day to day activities of the life but to spoil the relationships. Anxiety comes into life when we lose our self-confidence, but the best thing is that it can be easily healed with the aid of the gemstone. Stones have the potential to construct up the lost confidence and infuse courage to manage the stressful situations of the lifetime. As an astrologer, I can say gemstones can help to remove the anxiety from your mind and inspire self-confidence to see the new opportunities coming in the path of future life. I calculated your name numerology to know about your intellectual and emotional heart better. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals. Thus, I am suggesting you wear Carnelian as your name numerology is 9. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 9. This number is ruled by the planet Mars that makes you, Impressive and a person of a charismatic presence and warm personality, but at times makes you aggressive, assertive as well as challenging. The energies of the Carnelian pacify the distressing mind and open the gate of the divine will. It infuses the courage, passion, moreover the confidence to reach the desired goal of rooting out anxiety and stress from the span of life. It also gives the new prospect to see the twists and bends of life every bit good as face them calmly.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Tue, Dec 15th 2015, 04:35
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