Hello! i would like to ask..
i met a psychic lady who is a charm expert and who's also selling crystal bracelets..
i held the ruby bracelet of hers and at once, without me noticing her observing me, said that she saw my heart beat fast and that ruby is a very strong crystal for me..
then she tried to observe me further and told me that she saw my past experiences and what may come to present time.
she then said that an ammonite would suit you best. but then she said she's all out of that fossil because its few in our country. though she also said that citrine would also do good for me but ammonite is really what i needed especially in my overall situation in terms of personality and my environment..
now my question is, is this fossil the crystal or talisman the one i really need? because literally, ever since i was a child, I've already had this great fascination about crystals.. i really wonder why?..
oh yeah, my birthday is on 15th of November
thank you!..:)
Asked By: Meynard Brown on Thu, Nov 5th 2015, 08:27 1 answers Category: Career
As an astrologer, I can say gemstones holds the potential to control the intellectual mind and emotional essence of its wearer. Nobody can wear stone just like that, as they have the reverberating energies that suit the energies of the wearing individual, if it is matched then fine otherwise can show adverse effects. I calculated your name numerology to know about your intellectual and emotional heart better. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals. Thus, I am suggesting you wear Ammolite as your name numerology is 8. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 8. This number is ruled by the planet Saturn that gets you an action motivated, goal oriented and able to manage wealth, renown and fortune with skill and savvy. For you Ammonite is best. Ammolite assessed to hold the radiations of the Earth energy that positively affect the soul, furthermore pulls luck and prosperity in the life. The vibrant colors of the gem stimulate the root chakra and make the strong connection with the grounding energies of the Mother Nature.
In traditions and since ages, it has been regarded as a great Feng Shui constituent due to its origin and extraction from the deep crust of the earth. The resonating energies of Ammolite too hold the vitality of nature along with the compelling energies of the cosmos.
A powerful crystal, Ammolite contains the energy of seven colors of the rainbow that make it a gem of colors and a holder of color powers. The significance of each color fashions it a gem of authority. The resonating vibes of stone proffer the energies of the each color to align the overall torso along with the chakras to stabilize the spirit. The red tint of the stone triggers the energy that opens up a path of progress. Aside from this, yellow is predisposed to heal the wounds of the torso as well as of the wounded soul. Green is the tint of wisdom and advancement; it too enhances brainpower in addition to the self-governing spirit.
Orange hue of the stone infuses the ability of imagination and envisages things for progression. Orange hue of Ammolite too enhances libido. While the blue and its similar tone encourages comfort, happiness as well as passivity.
The vibrating energies of the stone fetch cheerfulness and pleasure in every moment of life. Further, it trim down the toxicity from the intellectual and emotional self to guarantee the well-being of a spiritual soul. The vibes of the stone too confer prosperity and fortune in the life.
The positive rays of the stone hues that are associated with the grounding energies of the mother earth contemplate bringing prosperity in the financial phase of life. It too brings luck that is speculated to grant miracles in the span of the spirit.
The eminence of the rainbow color rays too facilitates deep meditative state to attain the desired state of meditation for cosmic connection. Apart from proffering intellectual and emotional strength, it too proffers physical strength in the torso to built stamina to deal with the physical troubles. It is a gem that helps to be in a good shape moreover physically fit, sound.
The grounding vibes of the Ammolite dispense out the radiation that creates a protecting shield all around to protect a soul from the evil. It too bestows the ability to seek the inner true self and balance self with the changing circumstances of the life. It likewise provides an insight that helps to see the future clearly and stabilize self within the situation. The activated root chakra of the torso, further it yields grounding energies for attaining a life of peace and equilibrium.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Mon, Nov 16th 2015, 22:59
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