I'm a marketing professional who works in an advertising agency. I've been around for the past 10 years in this profession, although I chose this profession as per my interest. But, for the past few months, it doesn't give me vibes or any inspiration to continue anymore. I can't understand what's the reason behind it, but I need to work for my bread. Can you suggest any remedy to reform my interest in this profession as it was earlier?
Asked By: Daryl Huber on Mon, Dec 21st 2015, 05:27 1 answers Category: Career
Hello DARYL, it happens, and we wish to take the break for some days or say for a month, from our professional life. So do not worry much, but as it's my work to guide you best, I calculated your name numerology to know about you and your career life better. Gemstones help to boost the chances of the soaring career and as the potent healing stone, they make your life smooth. I am suggesting you wear Sodalite, as your name numerology is 6. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of the number 6. The planet Venus rules this number, that makes you balanced, good counselor as well as a person who is paradoxical expressing self. This planet too makes you loving, caring, charming and everybody's friend. Sodalite is a stone that is associated with intelligence and efficiency. Thus, as a stone of knowledge, it balances your distracting mind and heart. Often regarded as a communication enhancer and courage builder, it allows you to express self freely to others and radiate your charisma everywhere including your professional and personal life. It too fosters learning proficiency, communication skill and knowledge, therefore, suits you and for your profession best.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Mon, Dec 21st 2015, 05:32
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