Stuck at my current job with no promotions for past 2 years while everyone around me is getting appraisal.... is it bad karma or there is something really wrong with me ? Please help?
Asked By: Daryl Huber on Thu, Jun 25th 2015, 05:07 1 answers Category: Career
Hello,, DARYL. Job is an important part of financial growth as it helps you to enjoy all the luxuries of the life. As an astrologer, I can say gemstones too helps to boost your chances of having a soaring career. I calculated your name numerology to know about your career life. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals.
Thus, I am suggesting you wear Emerald as your name numerology is 4. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 4. This number is ruled by the planet Uranus that makes you secretive and a person who is willing to work for a better world. Emerald considered to be a gemstone of business, communication and intelligence. Hence it is regarded as the most powerful career stone. It too helps to improve all the faculties like high intellect, memory as well as the ability to learn. It also ensures inflow of wealth. The green hues of this gem is best for people looking for a career or job change.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Thu, Jun 25th 2015, 05:14
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