Are there any alternatives to the traditional treatments for depression that I can try?
Asked By: Mark Mistrioty on Wed, Jun 17th 2015, 21:57 1 answers Category: Depression
Hello,, MARK… let me tell you the alternative therapies has not been scientifically documented as safe for a specific condition. These therapies involve a variety of disciplines that include everything from diet and exercise to mental conditioning and lifestyle changes. It is true that some of these techniques found to be effective for treating depression, but only for a short duration as soon as you stop you will suffer from the symptoms again. Some of the proficiencies are: yoga, hypnosis, aromatherapy, herbal cures, massage, acupuncture and relaxation.
Merely for the long lasting essence, use the force of healing gemstones which, according to the personality of an individual and his situations heal them. Your name numerology is 7 which clearly shows that you are an emotional person who get depressed with the situations and changes easily.
For you I come up with the suggestion for Black Tourmaline which helps you get rid of negative feelings of depression. As a stone of purification it cleanses the emotional body and treat obsessive or compulsive behavior.
These crystals will help you, if in case it does not help then it is advisable to look for professional assistance. Equally it is important in severe instances.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Wed, Jun 17th 2015, 22:19
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