I've a question regarding my daughter, OLIVIA, who has just turned 18. Her behavior and attitude makes me worried time & again, she has been a dull child since her childhood. She never had friends or boyfriend in her life, not very much linked to anyone in this 21st century. She always tries to escape parties, gatherings that are a very important part of our social life. She is very short tempered and doesn't want to listen to anyone and want to continue her in the same manner. Can you please help me out in this matter?
Asked By: Ellie Barner on Fri, Oct 9th 2015, 23:55 1 answers Category: Depression
Hello, Ellie, I can understand your concerns, but wish to say that try to talk to your daughter as a friend, not as a mother. Sometimes, it happens that children face some issue at their younger age that they fear to discuss and that still disturbs them which reflects in their present behavior. I think she is depressed about something, and a feeling of hopelessness has powerfully captured her mind that does not allow her to move ahead and see the beauty of life. What she need is immediate attention and care. As an astrologer, I can say gemstones too help to cure your depression and show you the way to move and see the beauty of the gifted life. Gemstones too attract love and enhance the self-worth. I calculated her name (OLIVIA) numerology to know about her emotions and emotional heart better. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals. Thus, I am suggesting her to wear Lepidolite as her name numerology comes out to be 4. Thus, you hold the personality traits similar to that of 4, the number 4 people egocentric, unpredictable, rebellious and at times antagonistic. The planet Uranus rules this number. Lepidolite is known to hearten independence as well as provide protection from the harmful influences of the outside. It too promotes the restful sleep by releasing depression and stress from the mind. Further, it attracts luck and makes you lively and joyous. It is likewise considered as a gem of reconciliation and a stone that proffers love.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Sat, Oct 10th 2015, 04:39
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