How do I keep low expectations of people around me and ensure that they don't take advantage of me? Actually the problem with me is that I'm too sweet to others, and I don't want to hurt anyone. What do I do?
Asked By: Terrance Evans on Sat, Jun 13th 2015, 03:37 1 answers Category: Expectations
Hi,, TERRANCE High expectations are not bad always as they have a positive impact too on a life. High expectations mean high to stretch towards. But the problem is people cannot give their best always, and that is because criticism. We no longer expect our family, friends and coworkers to be human beings. The problem is when we shame ourselves and others for failing, we make things worse.
As an astrologer, I can say gemstones too help to maintain proper relations without many expectations as well as infuse love in the life. I calculated your name numerology to know about your emotions and emotional heart better. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals. Thus, I am suggesting you wear Zebra Jasper as your name numerology is 3. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 3. This number is ruled by Jupiter, which makes you creative, self-expressive and artistic.
Zebra Jasper helps to quiet your mind. It is a gemstone that keeps your intellectual thoughts centred as well as grounded. Further, it helps to keep the expectations low but real. Moreover, it serves to gain the courage to transform ideas into action as well as convey the same to the loved ones for completion. It too escapes the perils of over-thinking to experience the enjoyment of life as it comes.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Sat, Jun 13th 2015, 03:48
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