I am dealing with disappointing relationships with my hubby…. Is my expectation high with him or do I need to stop expecting things in our married life?
Asked By: Tessa Smith on Tue, Jun 9th 2015, 02:59 1 answers Category: Expectations
Hi,, TESSA. When our love needs are not being met, our expectations are left in an uncomfortable position. Gems have magic properties that develop through personal barriers to love and help to attune self to a higher Love vibration. For centuries, both females and men have used gems and quartz glasses to attract their beloved mates.
As an astrologer, I can say gemstones too help to release the emotional limitations and maintain a beautiful relationship. I calculated your name numerology to understand you better. I too have the knowledge of healing crystals, thus I am suggesting you wear Roselle as your name numerology is 1. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 1. This number is ruled by the planet, the Sun, which makes you energetic, radiant, confident and socially dynamic. Roselle will help you to let go of the stress that hinders the growth of your relationship. The energies of this gem will infuse the ability to find happiness in your relationship. Roselle’s gently helps you to liberate suppressed and unacknowledged feelings as well as guide you to live freely. Expectations always hurt no matter, which relationship you are in so it transforms your negative flowing energy into positive ones. This delicate-pink gemstone helps you to maintain healthy emotional expression as well as help you understand your true emotional nature.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Tue, Jun 9th 2015, 03:54
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