I want to make big money, but I am so lazy, I don't want to work hard, what should I do?
Asked By: Sophia Daniel on Mon, May 25th 2015, 02:24 2 answers Category: Expectations
Hi, SOPHIA. The economic downturn is faced by nearly all the people in the universe today.

Astrological Gem suggestions can assist to build wealth in an easygoing manner. It can be pleasurable and even fun. I figured your name numerology that is 5, which means you undoubtedly possesses the qualities of the governing number 5. You are intelligent and can grasp the things quickly, so I would recommend you to wear Jade, which has been long revered to be a jewel gem of wealth and prosperity. It is too believed to bring happiness and joy to the life of its wearer. Jade is known to bring success as well as affluence in just little efforts. Acknowledged to be a gem of prosperity, it gives you an ability to take right decisions in your job or business. It keeps you energetic which help you to focus easily on your project. It is known to give you the wisdom that confers you with health, happiness and ultimately prospers you financially. It brings luck to your life along with the money.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Mon, May 25th 2015, 03:23
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I too used this gem and is effective.
Answered By: Linda Samuel on Wed, May 27th 2015, 05:56
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