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My life has always been on a monotonous and boring side, actually quite similar to a frog who always remains in a small pond. Whose reluctant to even step ahead and make a move, this behavior has made me struggle a lot. I'm not able to try anything in life to achieve something and often consider even a leap ahead as the danger. I really want to change my life and leave behind this loser's attitude, can you advise something for me.
Asked By: Will Parkson on Tue, Feb 23rd 2016, 22:45 1 answers Category: Fear
I've always been a sporty person in my life, but an accident in the past has totally changed my perception. A few months back, I got seriously injured while surfing, actually it was a dangerous shark attack. Somehow I escaped it, but the wounds of this incident are still fresh in my mind. I'm not able to forget it, making me afraid of doing anything. Can you please suggest a remedy for it?
Asked By: Shank Worell on Sun, Jan 3rd 2016, 21:37 1 answers Category: Fear
My childhood had always been a traumatic journey, I somehow passed it. But the scars of my past are still alive and make me sleepless. It consequently ruined my present life, I'm always afraid that the past would repeat its fate again in almost everything. Can you please suggest a remedy to overcome my problem?
Asked By: Tory Wilson on Fri, Dec 11th 2015, 05:40 1 answers Category: Fear
I've been hydrophobic since my childhood, and this problem has grown with age. Now I'm a sophomore and regularly hang out with my friends. But whenever there is any pool party or water adventure event I'm reluctant to participate in it, this makes me feel like a coward. I've undergone various kind of treatments but couldn't overcome this problem. Can you help me in this matter?
Asked By: Victoria Wilson on Wed, Oct 21st 2015, 05:46 3 answers Category: Fear
I've not been a great ward when it comes to academics, but this would be the last year of my high school. I need to prepare for my sophomore admissions, but I'm not able to overcome the peer pressure. I desperately need a nice college if not Ivy League, can you suggest anything to overcome this situation.
Asked By: Davis ivar on Mon, Oct 19th 2015, 04:37 1 answers Category: Fear
I am 5 months pregnant and always fear that my baby..... I am afraid of miscarriage. Please help to overcome my fear I just want my child safe.
Asked By: Graciela Denial on Tue, Jul 21st 2015, 22:26 1 answers Category: Fear
I am afraid of the dark….. Help??
Asked By: Leola Denial on Tue, Jul 14th 2015, 03:03 1 answers Category: Fear
I often fear my past which was not good at all will affect my future too. Altogether my life is fine now but I don’t want my past being my shadow and want to forget all. Can you help?
Asked By: Elmer Paul on Mon, Jul 6th 2015, 03:42 1 answers Category: Fear
I experience a problem with needing people for something, almost like I consider I'm bugging them, to the point that I simply avoid asking the person completely. How do I overcome my fear of bothering people? Do I really irritate them?
Asked By: Alisa Huber on Mon, Jun 29th 2015, 03:39 1 answers Category: Fear
I often see horrifying nightmares of ghosts, Do they really exist?
Asked By: Jocelyn Gruber on Wed, Jun 24th 2015, 22:08 1 answers Category: Fear
I have a stage fright, I fear of public speaking and avoid attending those meetings where I have to speak in front of all. I don’t want to lose my job. Have an idea how to deal with it?
Asked By: Chester Eder on Wed, Jun 17th 2015, 02:15 1 answers Category: Fear
I am Scared Of heights, my flat is on 15th floor I don’t use my terrace just because of my fear of heights. Any Help….
Asked By: Ruben Clarks on Thu, Jun 11th 2015, 22:00 1 answers Category: Fear
i have fear of heights... since childhood some how peeking from a highrise or top of the mountain makes me dizzy. even though i have tried to overcome this many times at the end i give up. do you think some gemstone might be able to help me?
Asked By: edith cova on Sun, May 31st 2015, 09:02 1 answers Category: Fear
I want to overcome my fear of people judging me, Can you help? I will be 24 in a month and if my friends go out and party people I do not know I do not feel comfortable begin there in fact I do not act like when I am my known friends and stay quite. I have been to myself in my whole life towards unknowns and with various things, I really want to fix this issue.
Asked By: Sally Andreas on Thu, May 7th 2015, 23:11 1 answers Category: Fear
How can I overcome the fear of death? Can you help me to stop being scared of dying?
Asked By: Lauren Jacobs on Thu, May 7th 2015, 23:09 1 answers Category: Fear
How to overcome my fear of rejection by a boy I liked a lot?
Asked By: Betty White on Thu, May 7th 2015, 23:06 1 answers Category: Fear
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