I've been hydrophobic since my childhood, and this problem has grown with age. Now I'm a sophomore and regularly hang out with my friends. But whenever there is any pool party or water adventure event I'm reluctant to participate in it, this makes me feel like a coward. I've undergone various kind of treatments but couldn't overcome this problem. Can you help me in this matter?
Asked By: Victoria Wilson on Wed, Oct 21st 2015, 05:46 3 answers Category: Fear
I appreciate your interest in gemstones, and no doubt you also have great knowledge of these gems.Water Stone Aquamarine soothes the distressing self. It is the stone that helps to make the connection of the soul with the energies of the sea activates the heart chakra along with the throat chakra for leading a harmonious life.
Aquamarine speculates as a gem that links the energies of the internal self with the resonating energies of the water. The blue hue of the stone acts as a linking in that ties the spirit of a soul with the spirit of nature. Water is a constituent of Mother Nature that plays a significant role in completing the cycle of nature. Therefore, sea holds the potential to sooth the stressful intellect and emotions.
The energies of the charismatic blue Aquamarine facilitate to pacify the anxious heart and mind, moreover helps to overcome the feeling of fears. In ancient times, Aquamarine contemplates as a gem nugget of protection that shields the person from evil and aura’s negativity. It too inculcates courage by eliciting the throat chakra to express self clearly, furthermore by clearing all the blockages of the path for apparent conversation and communication. It too boosts up the spiritual connection to attain the spiritual self. Its eminence and resonating energies align all the chakra to achieve the state of equilibrium. The blue vibes of the stone too enhance the aura for commencing on the path of the spiritualism.
The blue hue of Aquamarine brings clarity in the thoughts to make a hurdle free path for incorporating the new information and acquaintance. The vivacity of the stone too makes it an ideal gem for students and career professional.
The vitality of Aquamarine too boosts up the scholarly development along with the understanding of the inner self. It likewise helps to open up the intuitive mind for considerating the gifted life and soul. It too enhances the intellectual dexterity to meet up the issues of the advancing life. The energies of the Aquamarine too helps to promote the logical reasoning for making the path of life easier.
It stabilizes the upsetting emotions and proffers the ability to see the things from other’s point of view too. The blue hue of the stone builds tolerance and root out the fear from emotional and intellectual self. Aquamarine shields the soul by yielding the support of the cleric forces.
The color vibes of the aquamarine trigger the heart chakra along with the throat chakra to make a proper connection with the people around as well as understand the inner self in an authentic sense. It too helps to know your hidden potential. The soothing vibes of the blue tint too contribute to pacify the overactive intellect, moreover attain the deep meditative state.
At last I would like to add that I suggested VICTORIA, Red Spinel gemstone by calculating her name numerology.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Mon, Nov 16th 2015, 23:26
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Hello, VICTORIA. In today’s world conquering fear is one of the greatest challenges that we all come across in our spirits. Fear can be for anything like yours’ is the fear of water; the best way to overcome your fear is simply neglecting or just distracting self. Though it is hard to implement and easy to say, as an astrologer I can say gemstones holds the potential that helps you to overcome your fear easily. I calculated your name numerology to know your intellectual, emotional soul as well as your nature better. Your name numerology is 7 and this calculation too helps me to understand the situations in which you feel uncomfortable. Lucky number 7 makes the person vast, spacious, and spiritual as well as a person who face trouble in expressing their feelings. Neptune governs this number, thus according to your nature and your present situation, I can best suggest you wear Red Spinel, which helps to overcome the feeling of fear and energy blockages. Spinel helps to lower down the anxiety by reaching the life’s goal. It is the perfect crystal for conquering your fears.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Wed, Oct 21st 2015, 05:46
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Wear aquamarine stones to help ease your anxiety around water. Aquamarine is known as the "sailor's stone" and oftentimes, seamen would carry a piece of this stone with them to protect them from the ocean. It is a very beautiful light blue like the calm sea and can help allay any fears about water.

Also, you would be wise to take swimming lessons from an accredited course teacher. If you can master water, you should not fear it so much. Good luck!

ood luck!
Answered By: Susie Slicker on Sun, Nov 15th 2015, 01:28
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