My childhood had always been a traumatic journey, I somehow passed it. But the scars of my past are still alive and make me sleepless. It consequently ruined my present life, I'm always afraid that the past would repeat its fate again in almost everything. Can you please suggest a remedy to overcome my problem?
Asked By: Tory Wilson on Fri, Dec 11th 2015, 05:40 1 answers Category: Fear
Hello, TORY I can understand your problem, we often fear that the shadow of our distressing past can ruin our present and future, but now need not worry as an astrologer I can say gemstones holds the potential to cure fears. Gemstones infuse the courage as well as strengthen the emotional and intellectual soul to face the challenges of the life and forget the distressing past. I calculated your name numerology to know you better and to suggest the best stone that will suit you. Your name numerology is six Thus; I am suggesting you wear Chrysocolla. The governing planet of this number is Venus that makes your inner soul balanced yet paradoxical in nature, so face difficulty in expressing self. You are loving, charming, charismatic and everybody’s friend. The light green to deep blue hues of Chrysocolla makes it a potent stone of communication, as its very essence is devoted to an expression and empowerment. The vibrant color of the stone too discharges negative energies and makes your soul calm further compassionate to strengthen your character to face the situation and release all sorts of fears. It is a stone of peace that pacify your mind by rooting out the fears.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Fri, Dec 11th 2015, 05:57
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