My life has always been on a monotonous and boring side, actually quite similar to a frog who always remains in a small pond. Whose reluctant to even step ahead and make a move, this behavior has made me struggle a lot. I'm not able to try anything in life to achieve something and often consider even a leap ahead as the danger. I really want to change my life and leave behind this loser's attitude, can you advise something for me.
Asked By: Will Parkson on Tue, Feb 23rd 2016, 22:45 1 answers Category: Fear
Hello,, WILL Change is something that is hard to attain, but with the effectiveness of the gemstone and your gradual effort to achieve it can help you get out of your boring life. I calculated your name numerology which is 2. This calculation helps me to predict your nature and the situations in which you feel uncomfortable. Lucky number 2 is known to be indecisive and moody as well as passionate, reflective, poetic, artistic and romantic.You have a deep understanding of life but due to their demanding nature, they fear the loss of relationships too. Then, agreeing to your nature and your present state of affairs, I can best suggest you wear Red Spinel, which serves to subdue the fear of leading a monotonous life and the energy blockages that stop you from going forward. Spinel helps to lower down the anxiety and fear of leading a boring life by reaching the life’s goal. It is the perfect crystal for conquering your fears, means loser’s attitude.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Tue, Feb 23rd 2016, 22:58
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