I was a skiing professional for around ten years, but a major injury totally ruined my career permanently. At that point of time, I survived a severe spinal injury that still has its scars in my life. As you know its not an easy task to get rid of this problem, I've been practicing yoga and meditation to live a normal life. But all these things are going into the vein as I'm not able to withstand the back-pain, it really gets me irritated. Can you suggest a proper remedy for it?
Asked By: Patrick Johnson on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 02:47 1 answers Category: Physical Health
Hello, PATRICK I can understand your situation as this makes you weak too. The medication along with the meditation helps to recover you soon, but in the long term gemstones can help you not only in overcoming your trouble but make you stronger too. There are gemstones that can help and protect you in a long term; they are easily available and effective. As an astrologer, I calculated your name numerology to understand you better. I have the knowledge of healing crystals. Thus, I am suggesting you wear Moonstone as your name numerology is 6. It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 6. The planet Venus rules this number; that makes you admired, adored and an individual who posses a refined taste. It too makes you a person with a pleasant personality, open minded as well as open-hearted. Moonstone because of its beautiful, soothing color promotes youthfulness by strengthening as well as nourishing your supra physical aura. Moonstone boosts your body’s energy supplies and helps to increase flexibility and muscle strength by preventing the harmful DNA mutations.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Tue, Dec 22nd 2015, 04:23
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