My sister, SANDY met with an accident last year and since then she is on complete bed rest due to
severe spinal pain. She has been undergoing treatment rigorously but nothing works. She has
become completely frustrated due to this, I want to see her normal and healthy. Can you suggest a
remedy for it?
Asked By: Brad Williams on Wed, Jan 13th 2016, 01:39 1 answers Category: Physical Health
Hello, BRAD. I wish your sister ‘s recovery soon. Gemstones hold the potential to heal the physical
trouble and make the body physically strong. As an astrologer, I calculated your sister’s, SANDY
name numerology to understand her physical and intellectual health better. As per my experience
and knowledge in gemstones, I am suggesting her to wear Bloodstone as her name numerology is 9.
It shows that you possess the traits of people born under the influence of number 9. The planet
Mars rules this number Impressive and a person with the charismatic personality. She is warm, but
aggressive and assertive at the same time. She can take up challenges; she is emotional and
impatient. Bloodstone holds the potential to strengthen her immune system and allows her body to
follow the procedure of the self-healing. The radiating power of this gemstone helps her to
overcome the issues of spinal pain by strengthening the muscles of the body in addition to the bones
and joints. Bloodstone too contributes to uplifting the energy of her body so as to make it
competent enough to fight the infections present in the environment. Bloodstone also removes
toxins from her body that are creating hindrance in her smoother recovery.
Answered By: Miss Mittens on Wed, Jan 13th 2016, 01:42
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